The Great Cooloola Walk.
The Great Cooloola Walk.

Camp bookings open but some beauty spots ’too dangerous’

RIGHT on cue for the school holidays, Noosa can book most campsites in national parks.

In fact they can book now up to 12 months in advance, to help support tourism and regional jobs as part of the state recovery plan: Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs.

Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said: "It's obvious that people are eager to get out into nature, with more than 10,600 camping bookings and more than 5000 vehicle access permits issued since bookings reopened.

"We've had a huge take up from people wanting to book their next outdoor adventure, and this important update will provide extra certainty to commercial operators and the tourism industry so they can continue to employ more people and drive economic recovery, particularly in our regions.

Look out over Teewah Beach on the Cooloola Great Walk. Picture: Andrew Peacock
Look out over Teewah Beach on the Cooloola Great Walk. Picture: Andrew Peacock

"Queenslanders are embracing local tourism opportunities and supporting local businesses by booking holidays here in Queensland."

Bookings started on Saturday. Additional information on how to find a campground near you, and online bookings can be found at

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have advised of the following local closures and park alerts:

"Cooloola Wilderness Trail is temporarily closed until declared safe. The temporary closure includes Neebs Waterhole and Wandi Waterhole camping areas.

"Until further notice, Fig Tree walk is closed. Fig Tree Point camping and day use area are accessible but not via Figtree walk which crosses Kin Kin Creek, as the bridge was washed away. Planning for a new bridge is underway.

"QPWS rangers are currently working on repairs."

The Cooloola Great Walk at the Carlo sand blow.
The Cooloola Great Walk at the Carlo sand blow.

The QPWS said wildfire activity has caused significant damage in the Freshwater section of Cooloola Recreation Area.

"Freshwater Lake, Freshwater Lake access track, and Freshwater Lake carpark are closed until further notice.

"Freshwater Day Use Area, Freshwater Camping Area, and Freshwater Road access are open.

The parks authority said dislodged rocks throughout the Teewah Beach camping area poses a risk to campers.

"QPWS has engaged an expert geotechnical company to assess the issue and provide advice for minimising the risk to park visitors.

"High risk areas are marked by fencing and safety signs.

"QPWS also recommends people do not climb on the dunes and ensure children are kept off the dunes and out of high risk areas. On the spot fines may be issued for people not adhering to the regulations."

As well Red Canyon, on Teewah Beach is closed to all visitors and tour operators due to severe erosion and will remain closed until further notice.