Police uncovered a black BMW at the woman's residence, but she could not explain how it got there.
Police uncovered a black BMW at the woman's residence, but she could not explain how it got there. Contributed

Camira woman clueless to who put stolen BMW in her yard

POLICE lifted the tarpaulin off a mystery object in the front yard of an Ipswich house to uncover a stolen BMW-4.

But resident Samantha Lee Kapor, 29, denied any knowledge of the 435i model sports car, saying she was not sure who put it there.

Then police found its keys in her bedroom at the Camira house.

Going before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Kapor, a mother of two, pleaded guilty to nine charges including unlawful possession of a motor vehicle, possession of methylamphetamine at Redbank on July 20, two charges of possessing counterfeit money, uttering counterfeit money, driving with an illicit drug in her system, possession of dangerous drugs schedule 1 exceeding schedule 3, and breach of bail.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said police intercepted Kapor driving in Camira on August 25 when her saliva tested positive to methamphetamine. She also had a quantity of the drug.

Sen-Constable Shelton said her most serious offence was possession of 6.9 grams of a substance analysed at 44.7 per cent purity of methamphetamine.

He said she had a previous conviction for supplying a dangerous drug and was sentenced to a term of probation.

He said a jail term of 18 months with parole was within range.

The BMW had been reported stolen from Annerley in June . Kapor told police she "assumed it was stolen and been trying to find out who put it there".

Defence lawyer Leanne Stafford said Kapor's parents had been involved in drug trafficking and jailed but had since mended their ways.

They were in jail at the time of their daughter's offences.

Ms Stafford said Kapor had the methylamphetamine after a man turned up at her home wanting drugs and she was fearful of being unable to provide for him.

"She took the co-accused to a dealer to get drugs," she said.

"It's what she had when pulled over by police."

Ms Stafford said Kapor had since being doing drug rehabilitation with professional help and her parents had too made changes in their lifestyle.

Kapor told the court she had tried to stay clean but "I've slipped up here".

Her counterfeit money offences included handing over a false $50 note to pay for $4 petrol and being given change.

Magistrate Jason Schubert noted Kapor owed $16,000 in unpaid fines, saying fines would not be a sufficient deterrent to her.

Mr Schubert queried the circumstances of her being found with the drugs, after Kapor said she he went into a house, got the drugs and put them in her bra.

"I drove around the corner the police were behind us straight away," she said.

Mr Schubert said there was no allegation of drug commerciality and the stolen car was found under a tarpaulin in her front yard with its keys in her bedroom even though she could not explain how it for there.

He sentenced Kapor to 15 months jail (suspended for 30 months) for the serious drug offence, and to a supervised 30-month probation order. Her driving licence was disqualified 10 months.

- Ross Irby