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Cameron Douglas placed in low-security jail

MICHAEL Douglas' son has been moved to a low-security prison.

Cameron Douglas has been behind bars for drug trafficking since 2010 but was recently moved from the medium-security Cumberland Federal Corrections Institute (FCI) in Maryland to Danbury FCI in Connecticut, a former all-women's prison which was changed to accommodate male inmates in August this year.

However, the 37-year-old actor won't be in for too easy a ride in the facility - which is gradually transitioning to an all-male prison because of overcrowding at other low-security sites - as security measures have been stepped up since men were brought to the prison.

A source told "In Danbury, there is more security for men than there is for women.

"There are some units that have cell-like housing. It is much more secure than the women's area, and more restricted to move around.

"Now that they are moving the women out and putting the men there, it is tougher than it used to be. They used to have crochet classes for women, but they're not going to do that any more."

Cameron was initially sentenced to house arrest but received a five-year prison sentence when his then-girlfriend was caught smuggling him heroin.

Other drug-related offenses saw his sentence extended and he is now not due for release until March 2017.

However, his family - including dad Michael and his mother Diandra - will be pleased to hear about his move to the low-security jail as, until last March, he was held in solitary confinement for almost two years at Cumberland FCI.