Caddick’s dad-in-law calls lawyers over kill claim


The father-in-law of accused conwoman Melissa Caddick is consulting libel lawyers over fake accusations he was embroiled in her financial affairs investigated by the corporate watchdog amid claims she siphoned off $40 million of investor cash to fund her lifestyle.

Tax agent Rodo Koletti says he is livid members of a cyber sleuths group on Facebook have falsely accused him of being her accountant and one even outrageously suggested he killed her to cash in on her profits.

"This group, I'm surprised the police haven't shut it down, it's full of libellous claims; they're talking about my family like we know what's happened when we don't, and, no, I am not, and was never Melissa's accountant, like someone said on the Facebook page," he told The Daily Telegraph.

Anthony Koletti with Melissa Caddick.
Anthony Koletti with Melissa Caddick.

"I am consulting my lawyer about client action over claims made by one woman in particular on the Facebook group, my lawyer has all the comments made about me and my family that are inaccurate and damaging to my reputation. Who is going to benefit out of Melissa going missing?

"It infers that I was behind it and advised her on her schemes and would then benefit from her death.

"I will not stand for it."

Koletti’s dad said he “will not stand for it” when asked about the claims.
Koletti’s dad said he “will not stand for it” when asked about the claims.

"It is sad that social media can be used for such good or used by some to be so cruel and libellous.

"One woman even suggested I killed Melissa, such ludicrously and hurtful things are said on there and I'm not having it.

"We all want to know where Melissa is and pray she hasn't hurt herself.
"I just feel desperately sad for the people who may have been swindled out of their savings."

The 2,300-strong discussion group Where Is Melissa Caddick and The Missing Millions is dedicated to the baffling mystery with its members trawling over every facet and development into the millionairess Sydney businesswoman's life, including 'investigating' her husband Anthony Koletti's family.

"What do these strangers know about us?," Rodo Koletti asked, adding, "There are 2000 members on there I've never met."

The Daily Telegraph revealed last week detectives have widened the net in the search for the 49-year-old mother of one believing she fled the night of the raid, not the following morning at 5.30am as previously thought.

Melissa Caddick's Dover Heights home. Picture: Damian Shaw
Melissa Caddick's Dover Heights home. Picture: Damian Shaw

Officers believe she is "very much still alive" and are probing the growing possibility she is on the run in Queensland.

Anthony Koletti was the last to see her the night ASIC and the AFP left her home when, shaken, she voiced to him concerns they were investigating a tip she was operating her Maliver Pty Ltd firm without a licence.

What she did not know was the regulator began investigating in early September after another financial adviser claimed that she had been using her financial services licence without permission and had been running an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

The Federal Court has heard Ms Caddick was involved in "serious misconduct … in connection with the misappropriation of consumer funds."

Police commissioner Mick Fuller said Ms Caddick's potential frauds were "perhaps in the tens of millions of dollars."

Financial records state from January 1, 2018 until September 18, 2020 a total of $20.279 million was deposited into her accounts and she has since withdrawn all but $700,000.

Ms Caddick is accused of providing more than 60 clients with fraudulent CommSec returns showing healthy profits from share trades that did not exist.

One couple, who had invested and asked not to be named, say they asked Ms Caddick to produce her financial credentials and were handed a doctored resume and handbook detailing the services she provided.

"What hurts is she invited you into her home, you feel part of her life, most of us were her friends, so already we trusted her," the Sydney investor said.



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Police believe Caddick fled the night of a raid on her home.
Police believe Caddick fled the night of a raid on her home.