Byron Bay fashion blogger mistaken as Bangkok bomber

A BYRON Bay actor living in Thailand has told of how he was mistaken as the suspect behind the bombing of the Hindu Shrine in Bangkok.

Social media users had begun pointing out similarities between Sunny Burns and a suspect seen in CCTV footage.

The blast in the Thai capital on Monday killed at least 20 people and injured more than 100.

Burns said he presented himself to police after an image comparing himself to the suspect in the footage began circulating online.

The 26-year-old posted a selfie to his Instagram account from his meeting with police, saying: "Talking with the police. I forgive everyone who spread those horrible rumours about me.

"I love this country and let's fight together. Let's find this bomber. I'm not a terrorist but I'm a ting tong actor."


He pointed out he would never wear the clothes the bomber was wearing.

"I'm a fashion blogger."


Burns later posted he was in a police car and officers were going to search his house for bombs.

"Police are great, doing their job and allowing me to use my phone," he posted.

"Mum I'm safe and more worried about the people injured in the attack."

He later posted on Instagram stills of CCTV footage he said showed his whereabouts when the attack took place.


"Here is the CCTV footage of where I was yesterday when I got back from the muscle lab gym in Huai Kwang and getting ready to teach my Native Speaker class," he said.

"The Royal Police has this and I would like to thank them for looking after me and being so supportive," he said in the post.