DOING THEIR BIT: Two Butchers owners Steve McMeniman and Ken Kearney.
DOING THEIR BIT: Two Butchers owners Steve McMeniman and Ken Kearney. Rob Williams

Butchers' business model centred on giving back

DURING his five-and-a-half years working in the Queensland Police Force, Steve McMeniman was shocked by the number of scenes he attended of young men aged between 18-35 who had taken their own life.

"I couldn't believe it," he said.

"It's a cruel world at times."

After hanging up the uniform, Mr McMeniman returned back to the world of butchery he fell into after school.

He opened the Two Butchers at Orion Springfield Central two years ago with Ken Kearney and a key part of their business model centred around giving back.

The number of charities and community organisations they throw their weight behind is too long to list.

"There's been so many I can hardly remember them all," Mr McMeniman said.

For their tremendous efforts raising funds, donating food or rallying the community around a worthy cause, the pair were named as 'Jordan Greats' in the 2019 Queensland Day Awards.

A country boy who grew up in Tenterfield, New South Wales Mr McMeniman always had it drilled into him by his father he had a duty to help those most in need, no matter what.

Movember and Beyond Blue are just two of the many causes the duo support and in the midst of Men's Health Week, Mr McMeniman reflected times had changed since his dad's era.

Back then struggling was seen as a sign of weakness but he believed men are starting to open up more and share their problems with a better understanding of their mental health.

But there is still a long road ahead.

A recently released study facilitated by Beyond Blue, funded by Movember and completed by Monash University revealed six men in Australia take their lives and 82 call an ambulance due to suicidal thoughts or attempts every day.

"Anxiety and depression are a big thing in the whole community," Mr McMeniman said.

"I know mates of mine that have hit a brick wall and hit rock bottom and found that solid foundation and rebuilt from there.

"A couple of close mates have been through depression and I think people have to realise it's an illness and they can't escape it.

"Beyond Blue do a sensational job and we support a couple of guys that do Movember in the local community they do an amazing job to really promote that - to speak up and let it out."