Dave Cullen has put his hand up as a candidate for Division 4 in the Ipswich City Council election to be held in March.
Dave Cullen has put his hand up as a candidate for Division 4 in the Ipswich City Council election to be held in March.

Businessman has plan to drive Ipswich forward

DAVID Cullen believes his business experience and long history working with the community has equipped him with the skills to drive Ipswich forward into a positive future.

The Ipswich Pro Drive owner and operator will run for a Division 4 seat in the council election in March.

The Karalee resident said the decision to throw his hat into the ring was not one he made lightly.

"It would be easy to keep growing my business and reaping the rewards," he said.

"Instead I realised I want to be part of the future of this city.

"The past cannot be changed. I believe we can move forward."

Mr Cullen said his priorities as councillor would be economic management, improving roads and ensuring the city is better prepared for natural disasters.

If elected, he intended to use his experience in the transport industry to investigate increased transport and logistic opportunities for the region.

But he stressed the importance of the council getting "back to basics".

"Councils may do more than roads, rates and rubbish," he said.

"But let's face it, you've got to get the basics right before you can grow and expand.

"I understand that you need to know what your core business is and what your customers want.

"The council should not be competing with local business and community groups. The council should ensure it provides the right support, services and systems to enable them to thrive."

Mr Cullen believed Division 4 has some of the "city's worst roads" and lacks vital public transport.

He said there was a need to equip local emergency services to tackle the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

"This summer alone we have experienced bushfires and localised flooding," he said.

"We've got to make sure our emergency services, particularly the volunteer services, are well equipped and prepared.

"We need to manage the bushland and waterways so our residents, properties, businesses and wildlife are protected.

'We need to invest in mitigation and community preparedness. That means getting behind the evacuation centre planned for the Ipswich Showgrounds and resourcing smaller, local centres, in places such as Rosewood and Pine Mountain."

The ALP and Transport Workers' Union member will run independently.

He said he wanted to play a vital role in a new era for Ipswich.

"I bring business experience, years of community service and involvement, as well as a passionate belief in this region," he said.

"I want Ipswich to see it as I do; a fantastic place to raise a family, grow a business and a place where a guy like me can grow and thrive.

"Ipswich is not even heading downhill. It's simply lacking quality leadership."