Businesses say confidence dropped after state election

SUNSHINE Coast businesses say there has been a significant drop in business confidence in recent weeks.

They have stressed the need for the State Government to just get on with the job.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland is crunching its quarterly Pulse Survey and initial results indicate the result of the recent state election has negatively impacted on business confidence.

The views of business are often polarised immediately after an election, particularly with a change of government. But within 3-6 months, businesses realise that a change in the helm of government does not necessitate a change in economic fortunes.

Many comments to the Westpac Group CCIQ Pulse Survey of Business Conditions for the March Quarter appear to relate more to the process of government than to the State Government itself.

It is only natural that a new government needs to initiate a process of reviewing and understanding major projects and determining for themselves the appropriateness of each project for Queensland.

Sunshine Coast businesses would undoubtedly tell Labor to be expedient in these initial stages.

Rightly or wrongly, businesses are forming the view that as council decisions are called in, casino licences awarded, major mines accessed and port infrastructure approved, this takes time and is undermining certainty and, in turn, confidence.

Small business wants the State Government to be one of action and quickly smash through its processes and reviews. It will be the State Budget in July in particular that will determine support or otherwise for this new government.

CCIQ will release the Westpac Group CCIQ Pulse Survey of Business Conditions for the March Quarter this Thursday. .

  •  Kimberley Lynch, CCIQ Regional Manager - Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay