The Soul Nook Collective owner Taryn Ryan has opened her first shopfront in Marburg.
The Soul Nook Collective owner Taryn Ryan has opened her first shopfront in Marburg.

Business sets up first shopfront in old Marburg church

SETTING up her first shopfront in an old church in Marburg completes a special homecoming for Taryn Ryan.

Mrs Ryan established The Soul Nook Collective two years ago, selling clothes online from home and travelling around the region to style events and pop up picnics.

She has set up shop in a area close to her heart, leasing the old German Baptist Church.

Her mum Carol runs the hairdresser in town.

"The idea of having it here is we can do it all here in the one spot," she said.

"We do the boutique shopfront and then outside we do the picnics and the event stylings. It's all in the one spot now.

"I've lived in Marburg forever. I did my apprenticeship in the town. Now I've got my own shop here too."

Photos online show the church dates back to least 1905.

We've done a few events here before," Mrs Ryan said.

"It's got a beautiful vibe. It's nice and private. Just after our Christmas market, which was really successful here, we thought let's do this."

A launch event with food trucks and a pop up bar provided by the Marburg Hotel attracted more than 120 people to the church grounds.


The Soul Nook Collective owner Taryn Ryan inside the church.
The Soul Nook Collective owner Taryn Ryan inside the church.

Mrs Ryan is excited for the future of her business and she will host weekly creative workshops on-site, bringing in facilitators

Apart from the helicopter tours done in collaboration with Woodlands of Marburg and Pterodactyl Helicopters, everything will be done from the church grounds.

"Everything has been so mobile," she said.

"Now it will all be in the one place.

"People can book a girl's day or a baby shower or a birthday and we set them up under the trees and the bell tents.

"They have everything they need. We supply the food, they bring their wine and the grounds are just beautiful."

Mrs Ryan is part of a "new generation" taking the reins in Marburg.

Les Birnie's children Emily and Athol are running their own businesses next to him and Matt Bowden has taken over from father Dan at the Marburg Hotel.

"All the other small businesses in town, we all get along really well and we all collaborate together," Mrs Ryan said.

"We try and support each other and help the community and the town grow together.

"It's the next generation coming up.

"We've got coffee, food and a bit of boutique, it ticks a lot of boxes."

Athol Birnie, who recently opened up antique store The Black Museum, said the town was in good shape.

"There's a turning point in Marburg at the moment," he said.

"It's always been a great destination. No one is doing the same thing. You're giving people more reason to come to Marburg.
"It's got some momentum."

Both agreed another food offering would compliment the town well.

"It's still a small village," Mr Birnie said.

"I think a restaurant would do amazingly well out here.

"The pub does amazing meals but a restaurant would probably be amazing out here too."