THREATS: A Gympie magistrate has fined a man $1800 for threatening newspaper staff.
THREATS: A Gympie magistrate has fined a man $1800 for threatening newspaper staff.

'Burn the lot of you c***s': threat to newspaper

A 24-YEAR grudge against the news media was the motivation behind threatening phone calls against The Gympie Times and its staff, Gympie Magistrates Court has been told.

"You carry a grudge for a long time," magistrate John Parker told David Alexander Mutze, adding The Gympie Times had nothing to do with Mutze's "earlier problems."

Man charged with threatening calls against newspaper, staff

Mutze, 50, of Wilsons Pocket had pleaded guilty to two federal charges of using a phone service to menace, harass or cause offence.

The court was told he left abusive and menacing messages on the phone of the paper's editor Shelley Strachan.

He left seven abusive and threatening messages on June 10 and on June 15 made five phone calls and left two abusive and threatening messages, police told the court.

The court was told the messages included threats to "burn the lot of you c***s" and that "a lot of people are going to run you c***s down one day and the sooner it happens the f***ing better."

"You're a f***ing imbecile," he said.

His solicitor, Elizabeth McAulay, told the court Mutze recognised he had "done the wrong thing".

"He was angry about something he read in The Gympie Times that he disagreed with," she said.

"He felt his life was damaged by false media reports (when he was 26).

"It was pretty serious when it happened," Mutze told Mr Parker.

Incidents he knew were not true had been reported as true.

He said he had nothing against the paper's editor personally and his comments were aimed "really at some in the media, not personally".

"Something happened when you were 26," Mr Parker said, and you're still taking it out on the editor of The Gympie Times, (who) had nothing to do I'm sure with your earlier problems with the press.

"It's jut not on," he said, fining Mutze $1800 and ordering he not contact the complainant for the next 18 months

"In any event, if you do I'm sure a complaint will be made and you'll be charged again," he said.