It's going to be a struggle to find a wave worth surfing on the Sunshine Coast this weekend.
It's going to be a struggle to find a wave worth surfing on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. John McCutcheon

Bureau tells a brighter weekend weather story

THE Bureau of Meteorology has pulled back potential rainfall totals for the weekend and now expects only a few millimetres to fall on Sunday and Monday.

Forecaster Michael Gray said the influence of an upper level trough had become less significant than earlier expected.

Only five or 6mm were expected for Sunday with 4mm or 5mm possible for Monday.

Mr Gray said light winds would make conditions ideal for small craft to get offshore with only a micro swell pulsing below one metre.

Fog was present in the valleys to the north and west of Nambour this morning with none along the coastal fringe on a mostly day set for a temperature peak of 25C.

It should be a warm 15C overnight into Saturday ahead of a 24C high on a partly-cloudy day with just a 30 per cent chance of any rain most likely late afternoon or evening. Winds would remain light.

Sunday will hit a cooler 22C average with an 80 per cent chance of any rain. A thunderstorm is possible into the afternoon or evening on another day of light winds.

Mr Gray said a dry, southerly wind reaching the Coast from Monday night would mean clear skies and cooler minimum temperatures at least for the earlier part of the week.

The drop into Tuesday will be pronounced with a minimum of 13C expected. The maximum will hit 23C and again into Wednesday but with the day time maximum falling to 21C on an otherwise mostly-sunny day.

Expect it to be a colder 12C into Thursday ahead of a wintery 19C daytime maximum as conditions change from mostly sunny to cloudy.

The bureau's weather observation station at Sunshine Coast Airport went off air at 3.30pm on Thursday but had been reactivated by 11.30am today.