CAGED: A group supporting David Pahlke's calls for domestic rabbits to be allowed could protest outside parliament.
CAGED: A group supporting David Pahlke's calls for domestic rabbits to be allowed could protest outside parliament. Sam Rosewarne

Bunny rally 'an option' as pro-rabbit group backs proposal

A GROUP fighting for domestic rabbits to be allowed in Queensland has encouraged residents to keep up the pressure for change.

Narelle O'Connor has been fighting the State Government for five years through her group, Legalise Pet Rabbits for Queensland.

She praised last week's calls by Ipswich councillor David Pahlke to have a discussion about allowing desexed and microchipped domestic rabbits in the state.

But Ms O'Connor said the state's politicians did not listen to evidence the group put forward.

"They pretty much don't want to know anything," she said.

"It's very frustrating."

While praising Cr Pahlke, Ms O'Connor said often the calls fizzled or fell on deaf ears.

"It's out there and everyone is talking about it but nothing happens," she said.

Ms O'Connor said the group was considering protesting the bunny ban outside parliament.

The majority of readers on the QT's Facebook page backed Mr Pahlke's proposal for rabbits to be allowed in Queensland.

"They're wonderful pets and a desexed rabbit is no trouble or concern to the environment," Shona Renee Lloyd wrote.

"As with any pet, proper care by the owner is important too."

Rebecca Stewart said the state's rule caused problems for her family.

"Having to give up my families pet rabbit broke my childrens' hearts when we had to move back to Queensland," she said.

Kathy Chandler said domestic rabbits should be allowed and if they are desexed, with "hefty fines if not desexed unless a registered breeder who must sell them desexed, vaccinated and microchipped".

Several people disagreed with Cr Pahlke's proposal, with Zanna Jay describing rabbits as an "economic disaster" for other states and said they would be unwanted, like many other pets.

"People are useless with cats and dogs," she wrote.

"Look at all the free kittens on Gumtree right this very minute. This would be an epic mistake."

Pat Taylor said bunnies would create similar problems councils face with desexing other animals.

"I would like a rabbit and I'd have it desexed and I'd keep it in its cage.... also could read; if have a cat I'd have it desexed and keep it inside," he said.

"In the scheme of things it's not much different. Archaic rules or not, there is an environmental reason for them," Mr Taylor said.