LNP candidate Robert Shearman.
LNP candidate Robert Shearman.

Bundamba by-election: Candidate for the LNP

Job: National Sales Manager

Do you live in the electorate? If yes, how long have you lived in it for?

I will make an observation before I answer this question. Bundamba is one of the safest ALP sets in QLD. In the last 20 years, there has been predominantly an ALP Local, State and Federal Representatives in Ipswich and surrounding state electorates.

In that period, the Local ALP Council has been removed for Corruption, there has been high unemployment in the area, essential services lacking, crime has reigned and business confidence is low.

Vote ALP and you are voting for the same outcome. Local clearly doesn’t mean proper representation. The ALP has taken your vote for granted.

You now have a real opportunity to get a representative who is not FIFO, who won’t turn up for four (4) weeks every four (4) years, hasn’t been promised a job, and won’t take your vote as a given.

I don’t currently live in Bundamba, but I was the LNP Candidate for Blair in the 2019 Federal Election, and committed then that I would relocate into the area. Nothing has changed.

Have you run in any elections (local, state, federal) before?

1. State – 2017 – Cooper

2. Federal 2019 – Blair

3. State – 2020 – Bundamba

Sum up your vision for the electorate:

My vision for Bundamba is: ‘A Community of Opportunity and Hope’.

Opportunity for change.

Opportunity to resource our TAFEs, Schools and Training Institutions properly and provide essential services to the community. Opportunity to support our small and medium businesses and the opportunity to provide a safe and liveable community.

With new opportunity comes greater hope for Bundamba!

What are the key issues facing Bundamba right now and how do you intend to deal with them?

1. Unemployment. Engage with businesses and training institutions and align targeted funding to training outcomes to support business.

2. Crime. Engage with community Neighbourhood Watch Groups, youth charity organisations and the QPS Local Command to strengthen policing and youth support in the area.

3. Business Confidence. When you have strong small and medium businesses, you have low unemployment and community continuity. Supporting business community with skilled workforce is important. Funding TAFE, RTO and Schools is critical in supporting the emerging technologies of tomorrow. Industries like Rheinmetall, ADF and Logistic/Warehousing and transport sectors.

4. Essential Services. When you have proper and resourced essential services, you have a thriving community who look out for each other, and mutually respect what they have.

Do you think the State Government should call-in all dump applications?

This is a question the ALP Candidate MUST answer, as the ALP are still in Government after this By-Election.

Here is the opportunity for the voters of Bundamba to send a clear message to the ALP; “don’t take my vote for granted!” Just because Bundamba is deemed a safe ALP seat, the current Government believes you will blindly vote for them.

However, I do believe a pause is necessary to determine the facts of these applications, and the impact on the community and environment.

What do you believe are the key pieces of infrastructure needed in Ipswich? What commitments can you make to help make them happen?

All ALP State Member in Ipswich and surrounding areas have allowed Jacki Trad’s Cross River Rail to swallow significant Infrastructure funding, to the detriment of the Ipswich to Springfield Rail Link.

For one purpose only, to save Jacki Trad’s inner-city Seat. I will work with all levels of Government to get this project back on track.

Equally, I will work with the new Independent Ipswich City Council and current Federal Government to secure funding for Roads (Cunningham’s Hwy, Amberley), Hospitals and Schools/TAFE’s.

Many residents have concerns about development and its impact on the environment. Do you think the State Government has got it right when it comes to planning and development legislation? Please explain your answer.

There needs to be oversight of development that impacts on the environmental, but not a play-thing for politics, as clearly seen in recent years across QLD. When you interfere in peoples lives, for a political benefit, people become sceptical of government.

The State Government should have oversight, but need to be consistent, not political!

Your predecessor Jo-Ann Miller spoke out about corruption at Ipswich City Council and residents’ concerns about how the waste industry operated in Ipswich. Speaking out left her unpopular in her party. How will you deal with residents’ concerns if they don’t fit in with the party line?

My integrity is everything to me.

My military service as well as my childhood upbringing has always been one of moral fortitude. My record in the military and in Business speaks for itself. These are the principles I standby today.

Each LNP Member when asked to vote in Parliament has a conscious vote. LNP Members are not bound to vote a party line like the ALP, we vote based on the principles of the party we joined. We are not aligned to party factions or affiliated unions, this is why Jo-Ann Miller was unpopular in the ALP.

What do you think you can achieve for Bundamba between now and the State Government election later this year? How will you do that?

My priority is to engage the community, community groups and businesses. Let the community know that they have access to their elected member, that I am here for them, to listen them, to act for them. Engage with businesses and see how I can support businesses in Bundamba.