Pauline Hanson visited Redbank Plaza with One Nation candidate for Bundamba Sharon Bell, on Saturday.
Pauline Hanson visited Redbank Plaza with One Nation candidate for Bundamba Sharon Bell, on Saturday.

Bundamba by-election: Candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation


Job: Senior Estimating Assistant in the construction industry

Do you live in the electorate? I have lived in the Bundamba Electorate for the past 20 years.

Have you run in any elections (local, state, federal) before? Yes, I ran as the One Nation Candidate in the Blair Electorate for the 2019 Federal Election for our local area.

Sum up your vision for the electorate:

My vision is to eliminate the prospect of Ipswich becoming Tipswich by introducing a Private Members Bill into the Queensland Parliament that would ban any further dump or incinerator applications for Ipswich.

There was already a need for job creation to reduce our high unemployment rate, however there will be an even stronger focus required following the coronavirus outbreak to bring back industries and manufacturing to our district.

There is a critical need to lower the payroll tax threshold to encourage small businesses to grow and employ staff. We must implement One Nation’s subsidised apprenticeship scheme here in Queensland to give opportunities for young people to obtain trade skills.

Reduce our drug and crime rate by using the proceeds of crime to build drug rehab centres to take pressure off our hospitals and health services.

Advocate for new base load coal fired power stations to provide reliability to the grid and reduce energy costs for Bundamba families and business.

Push for urgently needed road upgrades to the Cunningham Highway and Mt Crosby intersection that Labor has been dangling a carrot in face of voters faces for way too long.

What are the key issues facing Bundamba right now and how do you intend to deal with them?

– Saying NO to a SuperDump, if elected I will table a private members bill that would ban any further dump or incinerator applications for Ipswich. The Labor Government need to be

stopped from building anymore unsightly stink pits that Bundamba and Ipswich residents do not want.

– Stop the ICE epidemic by investing in urgently needed drug rehabilitation centres with the proceeds of crime. These facilities will reduce the drug and crime problem in our region, but must work hand in glove with employment services to ensure people who come out clean, stay clean. Part of the solution is ensuring people have a purpose to life.

– Job creation is vital for our area’s future. We need to stop delaying road projects that would otherwise fast track jobs for residents. We must strip back the red/green tape that impedes local businesses wanting to expand their operations. And we must bring local manufacturing back to Bundamba and Ipswich and start producing products here in Queensland again, instead of China.

– The need for oversight of the Ipswich Council. There’s a poor record of corruption and bad behaviour in local Council and like Jo-Ann Miller, I will keep a watchful eye on the new council administration to make sure they are working for the people not for themselves.

Do you think the State Government should call-in all dump applications?

Bundamba and Ipswich residents have made their thoughts overwhelmingly clear – they do not want any more dumps or incinerators built in their backyards. Labor continue to ignore the will of the people and insist on taking money from waste management companies through application fees.

Give these companies back their money and tell them to go somewhere else. We don’t want Ipswich turned into Tipswich.

What do you believe are the key pieces of infrastructure needed in Ipswich? What commitments can you make to help make them happen?

The key road infrastructure required in Ipswich is the second Bremer Bridge, Mt Crosby Intersection and the Cunningham Highway upgrades which were promised by both the Federal and State Governments. I intend to hold a blowtorch to Annastacia Palaszczuk and Jackie Trad’s feet. I’m sick of the false promises this Labor Government make.

Many residents have concerns about development and its impact on the environment. Do you think the State Government has got it right when it comes to planning and development legislation?

Labor’s greatest planning and development mistake was to give the green light for a Super Dump without proper consultation or feedback by the local community who will suffer the intolerable smells, the rumbling sound of trucks at all hours of the day and night, the pollution of local creeks and waterways from toxic leachate and the deadly asbestos fibres they think can be buried.

The former Member, Jo-Ann Miller tried to raise these concerns, which only caused her to be bullied and pushed out of Parliament by her own party.

Your predecessor Jo-Ann Miller spoke out about corruption at Ipswich City Council and residents’ concerns about how the waste industry operated in Ipswich. Speaking out left her unpopular in her party. How will you deal with residents’ concerns if they don’t fit in with the party line?

One Nation was founded by a woman whose motto remains as strong as ever. We have a duty to serve our community first and foremost.

I agree with the core policies of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, but nowhere does it prevent me from working closely with my community and reflecting their wants and needs.

What do you think you can achieve for Bundamba between now and the State Government election later this year? How will you do that?

As the only local candidate, I naturally have an advantage of knowing this region and the people who live here. I sense they’ll have a better connection when talking to me, than with a bloke who’s come all the way from Victoria.

Priority number one, will be my Private Members Bill that would ban any further dump or incinerator applications for Ipswich. The last thing I want is for Bundamba and Ipswich to stink to high heavens 24/7.

People need to know they’ve got a Member of the Queensland Parliament who will sit down with them one-on-one or as a community group and listen. My door will always be open.