Bullying. Mikael Damkier

Bullying is not normal behaviour, it's sickening nonsense

IT IS a promising sign that young adults in high schools are taking responsibility for their peers and younger students in an attempt to stamp out bullying at school and in social media.

Unfortunately, as a society, we are encouraged that bullying, disrespect and abuse is normal behaviour.

We just need to look at the sickening nonsense that is dished up daily on television reality programs, parliamentarians tearing down their fellow politicians, media digging for anything from which they can create a scandal.

Reality programs once had a place as they were an excellent way to showcase amateur cooks, teaching viewers how to renovate their homes and giving aspiring singers the opportunity to start their careers.

They have now become programs showcasing bullying and disrespect.

We should all take notice of the young adults now leading by example, treat each other with respect, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance and "speak even if your voice shakes".