Budget to ‘focus’ on regional jobs

CREATING jobs in regional Queensland will be a "strong focus" of next week's state budget, Treasurer Curtis Pitt announced on Thursday.

Speaking at a Queensland Media Club lunch in Brisbane, Mr Pitt said parts of Queensland outside the south-east corner were struggling to recover from the end of the mining boom.

"We are determined to further our already diverse economy as we transition to the post-mining boom economy," he said.

"But that diversification also means that some regions - particularly the south-east corner - are transitioning better than others from the peaks of the mining boom.

"So next week's budget will have a strong focus on regional Queensland and creating jobs in regional Queensland."

Shadow treasurer Scott Emerson criticised the way Mr Pitt had handled the state's finances.

Mr Emerson said rising registration fees were hurting people in regional Queensland, who did not have the same access to public transport as in the south-east corner.

"What Curtis Pitt has confirmed with his budget is that he can't manage the state's finances. He's trying to make Queenslanders pay for his fiscal mismanagement," he said.

"He is wrecking the Queensland economy."

Mr Pitt also said infrastructure would be a focus of the budget in "all regions".

"This budget we will continue our infrastructure effort, including through public private partnerships, and look for more opportunities to create more jobs through the State Infrastructure Plan," he said.

"We need projects in all regions to keep Queensland's economy moving in the face of continued economic headwinds - both international and domestic". - ARM NEWSDESK