Brothers still to taste action

BROTHERS are yet to make a tackle in the Challenge Cup rugby league competition.

For the second match in succession – following Brothers’ admittance to the competition after round two – their opponents chose to forfeit rather than endorse their presence in what was originally slated as a development competition.

Laidley was first. Redbank Plains joined them on Saturday.

"I left it to the group to decide," Redbank Plains club president Jardd French said.

"It was either (a) play Brothers and accept they are in the competition or (b) make a stand and say Brothers should not be in the comp."

In 2008, Redbank Plains fielded two sides in Division 2.

French believes Brothers should do the same, with their Challenge Cup team joining the lower division.

"The Challenge Cup was for up-and-coming clubs to build their clubs," French said.

"If they allow Brothers (to join the Challenge Cup), what’s to say they won’t if Goodna or Swifts or Norths want to. They can’t have it both ways."

French’s hopes for a show of solidarity from Springfield, who Brothers are scheduled to play on May 13, may go unanswered.

"We haven’t formally made the decision (to forfeit or not)," Panthers club president Scott Trudgett said.

"We always took the stance we were going to make our own decision. We’re not going to be bullied.

"We’ve got no alliance to any other club.

"We’ve got more on the line than most other clubs.

"This weekend is the rep bye so if we forfeit against Brothers it will be two weeks for our players with no game."

Both club presidents hope for a resolution at Monday’s IRL delegates meeting.