Brothers stalwart Jacob Sarra is one of the loyal clubman back this season. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Brothers stalwart Jacob Sarra is one of the loyal clubman back this season. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Brothers stalwarts defy worrying trend in Ipswich cricket

BROTHERS president Leo Conway is a huge supporter of the new Cricket Ipswich model building a pathway between local clubs and the Ipswich Logan Hornets.

"I think it is fantastic. It should have happened years ago,'' the long-serving, loyal administrator said.

"I can notice some teething problems at the moment but down the track, it all had to happen.

"We encourage all our juniors to go to the Hornets and play there (in Premier Grade and higher level youth competitions).

"That's our pathway now. I don't think it's South East Queensland any more. It's Hornets.

"Hopefully it will all work out.''

IDEAL  PARTNERSHIP: New body to bring club and rep cricket together

While keen to see local players given more representative opportunities based in Ipswich, Conway highlighted an ongoing challenge affecting all clubs.

In his second stint as club president having served multiple official roles, Conway shares concerns about a lack of commitment to cricket.

"The big difference these days is you can't get people who are dedicated to cricket, who want to play all the time,'' he said.

"People just make themselves unavailable at the drop of a hat now.

"In the old days, people would say 'I've got a party to go to. I can't go to the party until seven o'clock (to complete their cricket commitments).

"Now they have to be at a party at six o'clock and all this sort of stuff.

"They want to pick and choose when they want to play and there seems to be less dedication for the good of the club.''

Senior cricketers like Laidley stalwart Mick Sippel have shared similar views in recent seasons.

Some clubs are struggling to field third grade teams as player numbers fluctuate.

However, Conway is pleased to have loyal Brothers stalwarts like captain Craig Mackay, wicketkeeper Jacob Sarra and tireless fast bowler Mark Sharrad returning to guide the first grade team.

"A lot of them came back luckily,'' said Conway, who has been club president for six years in his latest stint.

"We had a reasonably tough year last year and I don't think it's going to be a startling year this year but we can only do what we can do.

"Hopefully we can battle on with the core we have and a couple of young blokes coming through.''

Brothers bowler Mark Sharrad. Picture: Rob Williams
Brothers bowler Mark Sharrad. Picture: Rob Williams

Brothers are fielding three senior teams and eight junior sides this season.

The under-16 Level 4 and 2 teams start this weekend before the Level 1 junior competitions begin a week later.

In senior cricket, Brothers face the might of Toowoomba Wests in their second round Harding Madsen Shield match at Walker Oval on Saturday.

After an encouraging round one win over Thunder, Brothers will get an early test against the Harding Madsen Shield champions.

A positive for Brothers is the return of the young cricketers like Lachlan Bilyj and Damon Darling who continue learning from the experienced campaigners.

Fast bowler Bilyj regularly opens the attack with dependable speedster Jonathan Bill.

Conway said Brothers welcomed competent right-handed batsman Faraz Khan and bowling all-rounder Xavier Vella after they trialled with the Hornets.

Khan was 62 not out in the round one win over Thunder, giving great support to Sarra (54).

Vella snared 3/27.

Conway praised Mackay for being prepared to accept more responsibility as captain this season.

"There's some positives coming out so hopefully we're heading in the right direction,'' Conway said.

The Harding Madsen Shield 45 over games continue on Saturday after last weekend's Bulls Masters T20 Challenge in Bundaberg.

The SEQ Stormers team, featuring Ipswich and Warehouse competition players, finished sixth.

SEQ lost the playoff for fifth to Mackay Whitsunday after opening the tournament with a win over Wide Bay.

Bulls Masters T20 Challenge at Bundaberg

Game 1: SEQ 6/146 (19.5) - Nick Verrenkamp 59 (39), Lee Watts 31 (22), Anju Perera 23* (16) defeated Wide Bay 4/144 (20) - Blayde Klass 1/19 (3), Lachlan Vellacott 2/29 (4).

Game 2: FNQ 6/143 (19) - Sam Strong 1/34 (4), Lachlan Vellacott 2/24 (4), Troy Cooper 2/25 (3) defeated SEQ 140 (19.2) - Nick Verrenkamp 73 (49), Lee Watts 15 (15), Harry Dobson 10 (9).

Game 3: North Qld 8/145 (20) - Callum Wilton 1/23 (3), Sam Strong 1/8 (1), Lachlan Vellacott 2/26 (3), Troy Cooper 1/21 (2), Nick Verrenkamp 1/12 (2) defeated SEQ 90 (16.2) -

Nick Verrenkamp 11 (19), Troy Cooper 11 (19), Lachlan Vellacott 15 (10).

5th place play off: Mackay Whitsunday 156 (18) - Callum Wilton 1/35 (2), Sam Strong 1/29 (3), Blayde Klass 1/21 (3), Corey Flood 1/17 (3), Troy Cooper 4/14 (4) defeated SEQ 8/122 (20) - Nick Verrenkamp 24 (34), Lee Watts 35 (33), Lachlan Vellacott 11 (19).


Qld Premier Grade

Round 5 Saturday: Ipswich Hornets v Wynnum Manly Sea Eagles

1st Grade at Tingalpa

2nd Grade at Baxter Oval.

Sunday: One day semi-finals - 1st Grade: 3-Northern Suburbs v 7-Ipswich Hornets (away).

2nd Grade: 2-Ipswich Hornets v 3-Gold Coast at Baxter Oval.

Women's cricket 1st Grade T20s at Robina

Round 7: Ipswich Hornets v Gold Coast (10am)

Round 8: Ipswich Hornets v University (2pm)

2nd Grade: Jodie Fields Shield - Ipswich v Gold Coast

Ipswich Taverners v Darling Downs at Highfields, Toowoomba.

Cricket Ipswich

Harding Madsen Shield Round 2:

Laidley District v Northsiders at Bichel Oval

South East Redbacks v Metropolitan Easts at Raleigh Oval

Brothers v Western District at Walker Oval

Southern Districts Magpies v Marburg Mt Crosby Thunder at Middle Ridge Park

University SQ v Central Districts at Uni

Highfields Railways v Northern Brothers Diggers at Highfields.

2nd Division

Centrals v Northsiders at Limestone Park

Thunder v Laidley at Tivoli No.1

Brothers v Redbacks at Jim Donald Oval, Silkstone.

3rd Division

Thunder v Centrals at Tivoli No.2

Strollers White v Northsiders at Strollers

Laidley v Strollers Blue at Mulgowie

Brothers v Redbacks at Marsden No.2.


Hornets Women's T20

Round 5: Ipswich 3/148 (20) - Ellie Johnston 42 (30), Ruth Johnston 51 (51), Kira Holmes 13 (16), Olivia Winter 9 *(14), Hannah Freiberg 10* (10) defeated Sunshine Coast Scorchers 4/142 (20) - Ruth Johnston 2/13 (3), Ellie Johnston 1/24 (3), Keely Freiberg 1/11 (2).

Round 6: Ipswich 1/110 (14.1) - Ellie Johnston 12 (11), Ruth Johnston 56* (40), Kira Holmes 29* (36) defeated Wynnum Manly/Redlands 3/109 (20) - Ella Harvey 1/18 (3), Hannah Lehmann 2/9 (3).

Under-age Rep Cricket

Souths U19s 4/206 (45.4) - Jacob Waters 1/38 (6.4), Patrick Schmidt 1/11 (4), Dylan McAteer 1/33 (8), Tom Sippel 1/12 (4) defeated Ipswich 204 (50) - Oliver Schmidt 18 (22), Tom Sippel 17 (21), Harry Meikeljohn 18 (41), Will Trigar 26 (37), Cody Pyne 50 (70), Jacob Anderson 24 (37).

Hornets Taverners 4/175 (46) - Zach Fisher 35 (73), Harry Sheppard 51* (100), Zane Newton 36 (50), Jack Gerdard 20* (25) defeated University 9/173 (50) - James McClure 1/25 (6), Lucas Sefont 1/26 (5), Jack Geldard 2/37 (10), Regan Liebke 2/8 (4).

Hornets Youths 160 (45.1) - Madhava Vyas 48 (89), Lachlan Kostecki 41 (82), Jett Emmerson 21 (24), Pal 16 (27) defeated Logan 128 (36) - Pal 4/37, Cody Danziel 2/18, Jed Turner 2/14, Jack Verrenkamp 2/3.