IN COURT: A man has been sentenced over a family row in Gatton that resulted in two damaged cars. Picture: Sharyn O'Neill / The Morning Bulletin
IN COURT: A man has been sentenced over a family row in Gatton that resulted in two damaged cars. Picture: Sharyn O'Neill / The Morning Bulletin

Brother faces court over damaged vehicles

A FAMILY feud last month reached a climax in which at least two cars were damaged – and a Gatton man has now borne the brunt of it in court.

Tyson Farrier, 25, drew criticism from a Gatton magistrate for his involvement in damaging his sister’s car and the car belonging to his sister’s boyfriend.

Gatton Magistrates Court was told a physical row had sparked outside a Gatton home on March 21 at 11.30am, when Farrier’s sister arrived at the property, parking her Isuzu D-MAX outside.

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Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor said a dispute arose between Farrier and his sister, an argument he described as a “two-way street”.

“It has escalated to threats being made, things got heated and a physical altercation has occurred,” Sgt Windsor said.

The court was told Farrier’s sister had been loading a lawnmower into her car when Farrier stormed at the car.

“He has run from the house and kicked the back door … It has caused a dent to the vehicle,” Sgt Windsor said.

He said Farrier then targeted a second car, belonging to his sister’s boyfriend.

“The defendant has run across the road and jumped on the bonnet, causing a dent and broken windscreen … He also poured some power steering fluid over the windscreen, bonnet and bullbar.”

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Sgt Windsor told magistrate Graham Lee that police interviewed Farrier the following day.

“He identified himself positively and said he had kicked the ute belonging to his sister and had walked across the bonnet of the HiLux belonging to his sister’s boyfriend,” Sgt Windsor said.

“He said he didn’t pour any fluid over the vehicle but admitted the damage was likely the result of kicking the door and walking over the bonnet.”

In court, Farrier pleaded guilty to two counts of wilful damage but his lawyer, James Ryan, argued Farrier had acted in retaliation.

“I’m told the dispute extended to his sister physically assaulting Farrier’s mother and de facto partner,” Mr Ryan said.

“It’s only after that and in the heat of the moment that he has kicked the car door and hopped on one of them.”

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The court was told the insurance company for the HiLux accepted $4600 for repair of the damage.

“No doubt the insurance company will seek payment of that (from Farrier),” Mr Ryan said.

As for the damage to Farrier’s sister’s car, no claim had been lodged for repairs.

Mr Lee advised Farrier to learn to control his temper.

“I accept there was provocation and behaviour on the other side,” he said.

“In the circumstances, one fine of $900 referred to SPER, conviction recorded.”

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