A Coominya man with a severe toothache has had a “smoke” to numb the pain (file image).
A Coominya man with a severe toothache has had a “smoke” to numb the pain (file image).

‘Broken face’ tooth ache leads to ‘completely stupid’ act

Brandon Krezic’s tooth ache was so bad it led him to smoke marijuana to numb the pain.

Krezic, 28, said his wisdom teeth were causing him so much pain that a friend offered him a smoke”

The Coominya man was on his way to drop off lunch at school for his child when he stopped by a mate’s place.

“It was complete stupidity,” Krezic said.

Representing himself at the Gatton Magistrates Court on Monday, January 18, Krezic detailed how he had been trying to get a voucher for wisdom teeth surgery and that there was a shortage on appointments.

After having a smoke at a mates, police intercepted his vehicle on Brightview Road at Lockrose on December 8.

Police prosecutor senior constable Narelle Lowe told the court that Krezic produced a positive roadside drug test, and was later transported to the station, where he produced another positive test.

“I was in a lot of pain because I was having a wisdom tooth (out) that was supposedly a dead tooth, but it was starting to get infected,” he said.

“I was ringing just as many people as I could to get in sooner, but I was in too much pain. I was in pain for about two weeks before I could see a doctor.

“My friend offered me a smoke and I said ‘yes, anything to get rid of the pain’. It felt like my face was broken.”

Krezic believed his puff cost him his job at a poultry farm and that he should have waited 15 minutes before driving.

Krezic pleaded guilty to one charge of drug driving.

Magistrates Graham Lee fined Krezic $500 and disqualified him from driving for four months.

A conviction was recorded.