TIT FOR TAT: This is the billboard which has been commissioned by Keppel MP Brittany Lauga in response to a rival billboard which questions her character.
TIT FOR TAT: This is the billboard which has been commissioned by Keppel MP Brittany Lauga in response to a rival billboard which questions her character. Contributed

Brittany hits back in billboard battle

A BATTLE of the billboards is brewing with Keppel MP Brittany Lauga poised to strike back at a controversial structure which questions her character.

"Dear Brittany You Can't Be Trusted With Keppel's Future" is emblazoned across a billboard on the busy thoroughfare between Yeppoon and Rockhampton.


This is the billboard commissioned by James Ashby which has caused a stir.
This is the billboard commissioned by James Ashby, which has caused a stir. Contributed

The man behind the anti-Brittany campaign is Pauline Hanson's One Nation chief-of-staff James Ashby.

Now Mrs Lauga is set to counter punch by launching her own billboard in the coming days, wait for it - on the billboard "next door", which is just a couple of hundred metres down the road.

On her billboard (pictured top), Mrs Lauga said she would stand by and reinforce her track record of delivering for her constituents.

But wait, there's more.

Before the Keppel MP can shout "checkmate", Mr Ashby said he had not ruled out occupying more billboards in his quest, which he said was both personally and politically motivated.

Mrs Lauga's billboard will say that she has been "Trusted With Delivering $100m+ In Local Projects."

These projects include $29million for the Yeppoon Lagoon, better roads, Keppel Kraken, Mt Archer, Emu Park and Barmaryee sporting precincts, as well as many school upgrades.

"Obviously I was disappointed with the billboard," Mrs Lauga said.

"It's not unlike One Nation to do something like that, but politics is a nasty business sometimes.

"I wanted to respond in a way that was polite and not in the same sort of way that the first billboard was erected.

"I think the proof is in the pudding with respect to the work that I put in, the projects that I'm delivering, and I have been trusted by the people of Keppel - twice now I've been elected by them and I'm delivering on what I committed to."

Mr Ashby, who has recently relocated from the Sunshine Coast to Yeppoon, where he owns a property, said it was "a number of broken promises" which led to his billboard.

"It started some years ago when Brittany offered a commitment that she would support gaming licences being given to the applicants on Great Keppel Island," he said.

"She went to more than one election on the proviso that she supported the development and certainly the application for those gaming licences.

"When the vote went to the floor of the Queensland Parliament, and she'd given a commitment to the people that she would support it, she actually turned on them and voted down those licences."

Mr Ashby added that Mrs Lauga's commitment at the last election to supply Great Keppel Island with water and power connection "was never, ever feasible."

"On face value to most voters, they would have seen that as Labor's commitment to making sure that power and water was connected over on the island, but the truth was you could never, ever do it for the money that she was promising.

"Now we're finding that in order for that to go ahead, there's this reach from Brittany saying that it's now up to the Federal Government to match the money, but that was never the promise.

"I'm sorry, but you only get so many goes with the public before they begin not to trust you, and people do not trust the woman."

When asked if she wished to respond to Mr Ashby's comments, Mrs Lauga said she was too busy working for the people of her electorate to engage in further debate about billboards.

"The people of my electorate are smarter than Mr Ashby thinks they are," she said.