Buyi Zama as Rafiki in a scene from The Lion King.
Buyi Zama as Rafiki in a scene from The Lion King. Deen van Meer

Brisbane tickets for The Lion King going like hot cakes

THE Queensland Performing Arts Centre's website has been swamped with demand for the upcoming debut Brisbane season of The Lion King.

Thousands of hopeful theatre-goers have been queuing online this morning since tickets were released to the general public at 9am.

QPAC's ticket booking website is currently displaying a message advising users of their position in a queue and that more performances have been made available to meet demand.

The message currently being displayed on QPAC's booking page.
The message currently being displayed on QPAC's booking page.

"New performances have just been released and there are plenty of tickets available, so customers will not miss out," the page said.

"The QPAC network is operating at full capacity."

QPAC has yet to release an official statement on how many performances have been added to which dates, but it is believed the show will now run through November.

Brisbane woman Jenny Brecknell has been in the queue all morning and at midday the website told her there were 15,000 people in the queue.

"Last night when we logged on there were only about 50 to 60 seats available across all sessions and they were mostly single seats scattered among the crowd," Mrs Brecknell said.

"The only sessions where we could find at least two seats available together were on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and they were in the back two rows of the upper balcony.

"So when we got up this morning we tried to log on when they opened up to the general public. It took nearly an hour to log on and then this long queue."

But Mrs Brecknell is hopeful she will move to the front of the queue for the newly added shows within the next few hours.

With the online waiting time still averaging two to three hours as of 2.30pm this afternoon, QPAC is now advising punters to try booking tickets over the phone, which has an average waiting time of just half a hour, or in person at a QTix outlet.

Executive producer James Thane has written on the show's official Facebook page acknowledging fans' frustration and saying the demand is "unlike anywhere in the world".

The show is scheduled to debut on September 27 at QPAC's Lyric Theatre.