Man convicted over child sex dolls in QLD first

A man who bought three life-like child sex dolls from China has been given a two-year suspended jail sentence, with immediate release.

The dolls depicted real children aged, four, five and eight to 10 years, Brisbane District Court heard.

Terry John Dunnett, 46, today pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a child sex doll, two counts of possession of a child sex doll and possession of child exploitation material.

It is the first time a Queensland person has been convicted and sentenced for possession of child sex dolls since new laws came into effect in 2019, as part of the Federal Government's Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation Legislation.

Terry John Dunnett leaves Brisbane District Court after being sentenced for possessing child-like sex dolls. Picture: Dan Peled
Terry John Dunnett leaves Brisbane District Court after being sentenced for possessing child-like sex dolls. Picture: Dan Peled

Brisbane District Court heard Australian Border Force intercepted an anatomically-correct child sex doll, sent from China, addressed to Dunnett on January 22, last year.

The doll, which depicted a female child aged about four, was 85 centimetres tall and weighed 12 kilograms, and had cavities.

Three days later, Australian Federal Police searched Dunnett's Riverhills home and found two life-like child sex dolls, with similar cavities.

Crown prosecutor Carmen De Marco One doll was blonde and had a floral dress and the other had dark hair and a pink dress.

Dunnett told police he had bought the dolls online, from China, between 2014 and last year, paying $400 for the one intercepted by Border Force.

One of the dolls at his house was 200 centimetres tall and weighed 13 kilos and depicted a child aged about five.

The other doll, which was 125 centimetres tall and weighed 17 kilos, depicted a child aged eight to 10 years, Ms De Marco said.

Police also found child exploitation material at Dunnett's home on his laptop, including 11 images depicting children and 48 images showing cartoons, comics or drawings child sex poses.

Dunnett also had a pillowcase and posters depicting child sex poses.

Judge Ray Rinaudo said it was a heinous crime to be involved in the sexual exploitation of children and it was all too prevalent in the community.

Judge Rinaudo said Dunnett had shown remorse, co-operating with authorities, and a psychologist said he was a low risk of reoffending.

The judge said Dunnett was a single person with relationship issues, who had some impediment to having sexual relationships, and who needed ongoing psychological treatment.

Judge Rinaudo said Dunnett now understood that possession of child sex dolls was wrong.

He sentenced Dunnett to two years' imprisonment, with immediate release on a two-year $2000 good behaviour bond and two years' probation for the child sex doll offences.

Dunnett was sentenced to a concurrent wholly-suspended two-year jail term for the child exploitation material offences.

Originally published as Brisbane man convicted over child sex dolls in QLD first