MOTIVATED PAIR: New Brothers A-grade coaching team Dean Daylight (left) and Tyron Day.
MOTIVATED PAIR: New Brothers A-grade coaching team Dean Daylight (left) and Tyron Day. David Nielsen

Day and Daylight primed to shine for Brothers

BROTHERS are keeping things in-house in their bid to continue their domination of the Ipswich Rugby League competition.

The club has appointed former A grade premiership-winning duo and last year's under-18 coaching team Tyron Day and Dean Daylight as A-grade coaches for 2014.

With no new signings on the horizon, the pair is determined to build further success from within. Day and Daylight replace premiership-winning coach Mick Wilson.

With a long history at the club and knowledge of its inner workings, they will not be motivated by short-term success.

Instead, continuing the long term success is the goal.

"We want to get the off-field things right," Day said. "There's a good culture here.

"Nothing's broken but the club can't keep winning forever.

"We've got a good crop of juniors. The main thing its to develop junior talent and to get them to learn off the older blokes will be of huge benefit."

Day has put his faith in the younger generation and not chased any new players from outside the club.

Instead he has asked senior players like halfback Jason Connors, who has already declared 2014 will be his last season playing, and second-rower Liu Faamate, to take a young player under their wings and guide them.

Both coaches have said they will look to blood youngsters when the opportunity arrises.

"If you're good enough, you're old enough," Daylight said. "To play A grade, you've got to have the capabilities.

"We're not going to hold them back."

It is no surprise Day is placing his faith in youth.

Of his premiership-winning under-18s from last year, four (Marion Seve, Carl Downs, Jake Turpin and Harley Fox) are now training with NRL clubs.

"The biggest thing you have to teach young players is game plans and structures," Day said. "When you're in under-15s, you're an individual. Teaching them to be part of a team is what makes the club so successful."

While the long term view is good in theory, the pressure is always on to succeed immediately at Brothers, as some former coaches could attest.

But Day and Daylight insist they are not feeling the pressure to repeat last year's A grade premiership title.

"In our eyes no," Day said when asked if not winning the competition would be considered a failure.

"There's more to this club than just winning a trophy.

"We can't have as our sole purpose just coaching A grade.

"We want to produce footballers and be successful."

Daylight describes the goal as "sustainability".

"That's why Brothers have been so successful for so long," he said.