Police are on scene at Heatley Primary School after it's believed a teacher was stabbed.
Police are on scene at Heatley Primary School after it's believed a teacher was stabbed.

Student tasered after allegedly stabbing teacher

An armed 11-year-old girl who was tasered after she allegedly stabbed a teacher with a knife at a Townsville primary school has been charged by police.

District Duty Officer Senior Sergeant Scot Warrick said emergency services responded to the alleged stabbing about 11.30am on Monday, with the school placed into lockdown.

Critical care paramedics treated the 56-year-old female teacher for chest and shoulder injuries at the school.

Sen Sgt Warrick confirmed the 11-year-old student had to be tasered.

"A … student at the school was armed with a knife, was taken into custody by police and a Taser was deployed during that incident," he said.

"The student was brought under control in a safe manner as quickly as possible … she's been assessed, she's in good condition."

Sen Sgt Warrick said both the teacher and student were taken to the Townsville Hospital.

"A female teacher has suffered non life-threatening puncture-like stab wound to the shoulder, and it is alleged a student of the school was involved in the incident," he said.

A student in the same class said he and other classmates were shocked when they saw the knife.

"I thought it was a stick then, but it was shining, so it was a knife. It was kind of a pocket knife," he said.

Concerned parents started to arrive to pick up their children, a mother said she was shocked and scared for her child.

"I heard about it on the radio," she said.

"I just left Willows and came straight here. Some of us prefer to take our babies, but everyone's safe inside.


An ambulance at the school.
An ambulance at the school.

"They put them in lockdown straightaway, they were straight on to it."

Initially parents were denied the ability to take their children home, another mum said she came to pick up her young children from the primary school but was told they were in a safe place, and wasn't allowed to take them with her.

A Department of Education spokesman said the department was aware of an incident at the school in which a teacher was injured.

"Any situation that threatens the safety and wellbeing of students or others in the school community is treated extremely seriously, and dealt with as a matter of priority," he said.

"Violence in any form is not tolerated in Queensland state schools."

The spokesman said the school initiated a lockdown procedure and contacted the Queensland Police Service and Queensland Ambulance Service immediately.

"No further information can be provided on this incident as it is currently under police investigation," he said.