Senior Ipswich council officers Lindsay, Maudsley resign

TWO senior Ipswich City Council officers involved in a corruption investigation have resigned.

The council today confirmed the suspended officers CEO Jim Lindsay, and the council's head of Works, Parks and Recreation Craig Maudsley, were no longer council employees.

Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli said the council had accepted both men's resignations, "without incurring any additional payments other than lawfully entitled accrued annual leave and long service leave".

Mr Lindsay worked for the council for more than 10 years, and Mr Maudsley for more than 30 years.

Last year, Mr Lindsay and Mr Maudsley were both arrested and charged by the state's corruption watchdog.

Both dispute and intend to fight the charges.

On September 13, investigators from the Crime and Corruption Commission charged Mr Maudsley with misconduct in relation to public office.

The following afternoon, Mr Lindsay was charged with official corruption.

That month two more charges were laid against the council's most senior bureaucrat Mr Lindsay, who is accused of disclosing a confidential document, and allegedly failing to notify authorities of suspected corruption between August 1, 2016, and June 22, 2017.

Both were suspended on full pay following their arrest.

New Ipswich City Council CEO Jim Lindsay. Photo: David Nielsen / The Queensland Times
Jim Lindsay has resigned as Ipswich City Council's CEO. David Nielsen

Mr Lindsay and Mr Maudsley also hold board positions on the council-owned companies.

The board positions are not paid.

The pair are yet to resign from the council company boards, however, an Ipswich City Council spokesperson said those resignations were expected.

"… we expect they will do so following today's announcement," the spokesperson said.

The resignation of Mr Lindsay will allow the council to begin the search for a new CEO.

Works, Parks and Recreation Chief Operating Officer Craig Maudsley has been charged and given notice to appear by officers of the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission on a matter of alleged official misconduct.
Craig Maudsley Ipswich Commercial

Veteran local government administrator Gary Kellar has been acting in the role since October.

It is not clear if Mr Kellar, who runs a private local government consultancy business, intends to apply for the position full time.

The council spokesperson said, "the recruitment process for a permanent CEO will occur in due course".

Mr Lindsay and Mr Maudsley have been contacted for comment.

The council spokesperson said as Mr Lindsay and Mr Maudsley had other "personal matters before the court.. it would be inappropriate to make any further comments".