JUST IN: Govt backflips on Monster Family Spectacular call

UPDATE:  The Monster Family Spectacular will go ahead tonight as planned after a crazy 24 hours of negotiations and advice with Queensland Health.

At 12.34 the Tivoli Drive-In has made a stunning turnaround, stating on their social media page: "Due to a change of heart with the government within the last hour, we are going ahead with our  "Worlds First Drive-In Monster Family Spectacular event!"

Gates will open at 4pm for a 5:30pm start!

The QT was advised at 11am that the event was due to be postponed to Sunday at 4pm, but that has now been reversed. 

EARLIER | The Tivoli Drive-In has made a last-minute announcement that tonight's Monster Family Spectacular will be postponed, but only for 48 hours.

The event will now take place at 4pm on Sunday June 14th.

A Queensland Health spokesperson contacted organisers overnight informing them to push back the event due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Intense negotiations between organisers and the State Government took place last night and this morning, with the Queensland Health Minister personally calling Pastor Fred Muys this morning giving the go ahead for the event on Sunday.

Tivoli Drive-In will be contacting ticket holders via email and is accepting requests for refunds.

Pastor Fred Muys from Tivoli Drive-in said that he is happy the event is going ahead, but it will come at a cost.  

Pastor Fred Muys announces the postponement of the Monster Truck event at Tivoli Drive-in.
Pastor Fred Muys announces the postponement of the Monster Truck event at Tivoli Drive-in. Darren Hallesy

"Tonight's event, now Sunday's event has been oversubscribed, and we have had, and always had the enthusiastic support of our local MPs, councillors and Mayor Teresa Harding. 

"From our point of view this has been costly, but at the end of the day the ruling last night was based on a technicality of regulations on our ability to comply with a COVID safe plan. 

"We were advised that by 11am today we would have to make an announcement, and I go the phone call at 2 minutes to 11 from the health minister.

"The reason was that an industry-wide COVID-safe plan had not been established for drive-in theatres, which is somewhat surprising as there are only two such drive-ins in South East Queensland. there are provisions in teh act for large venues, or those which fall outside industry plans. The ruling they gave me last night was that it was for larger venues, or more complex in nature than Tivoli drive-in, so we were not eligible to apply. On that basis we were not eligible. 

"That's really the technicality they held us to, but they have now advised we can go ahead on Sunday with a safety plan."

The money raised from the event is planned to support the Pastor's work in the local community. 

"The funds raised from the event go to two sources. One is providing meals and support to COVID affected families. Currently we are making 2500 meals a week which are distributed across the region, delivered by our people to the homes of isolated people. 

"I don't have the exact figures but I estimate that It is estimated the delay will cost around $5000 at least, money which was to be used to continue charity work," Pastor Muys said. "Every dollar we raise at the drive-in goes back into the community.

"Our commitment is that there will be no losers from this event in terms of the ticket holders."