Breaking: Incident delays Jetstar flight in Mackay

UPDATE 7.40PM: MACKAY Airport general manager Rob Porter confirmed the flight had departed.

EARLIER: A PANICKED passenger, who is believed to have a disability, has delayed the departure of a Jetstar flight from Mackay for more than a hour.

An unnamed passenger called the Daily Mercury at about 6.50pm from on board Jetstar flight 889 to Brisbane, which had been due to leave at 5.50pm.

He voiced frustration that airport security and police had taken so long to respond to the incident, which sounded like a panic attack.

The passenger and former Mackay resident had flown from Brisbane for his mother's birthday and was due at another event back in Brisbane later this evening.

But he said he doubted he would now make it in time, due to the delay.

While he understood it was a difficult situation, he wished it had been dealt with more quickly.

Mackay Airport general manager Rob Porter said the incident had "caught them all out".

"But we've got a lot of people there now trying to help," he said.

He said police and carers were now working to remove the passenger from the plane.

Police have been contacted for comment.