BIG WET:  A Flood Watch has been issued for the Burnett River following storms and widespread rainfall.
BIG WET: A Flood Watch has been issued for the Burnett River following storms and widespread rainfall. Crystal Jones

Flood watch issued for Bundaberg

AS THE rain continues to fall across the Rum City, the Bureau of Meteorology said it would only get heavier with a minor flood warning in place.

Flood Watch has now been activated for the Bundaberg region and minor flooding is a possibility.

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Between 50-90mm is expected to pelt down in the next 48 hours and will "slowly get heavier" meteorologist Adam Blazak said.

Mr Blazak said last night super cell helped drench the region with rainfalls between 25-60mm.

He said the rainfall was widespread and Moore Park Beach received the most at 78mm and Gin Gin had 57mm.

He said a super cell weather event is described when there's an updraft in a thunderstorm and it could be more powerful and goes on for many hours.

"A normal storm will last between two to three hours," he said.

There was now an initial Flood Watch for catchments between Gladstone and the Sunshine Coast including the Burnett River.

The warning was issued about 11am today and saying there was a warning for a minor flooding possibility across the Flood Watch area during the weekend.

"A significant rainfall situation is forecast to begin on Friday evening and continue during Saturday across the flood watch area. Showers and thunderstorms tending to rain areas are likely," the warning said.

"Catchment conditions are generally dry across the Watch area after a prolonged period of little rainfall which is expected to act as a buffer to significant runoff."

The heaviest rainfall is expected to begin across inland areas, including the Don, Dee and Upper Burnett River catchments from Friday evening and then extend further east to the coast during Saturday.

The minor flooding is possible across the Flood Watch area and isolated heavier rainfall may lead to localised flooding.

As the northern and southern extents of the flood watch are expected to receive lower rainfall totals significant river level rises in these areas is less likely.

Rainfall totals and river level rises are expected to be less than those experienced in the Wide Bay catchments in October 2017.

Mr Blazak said with dry river beds to the north of Bundaberg it would take a lot of rain to soak into the soil.

"There is a chance of some river rises," he said.

"The rain is likely to linger around for at least 24 hours."

Catchments likely to be affected include:

  • Burnett River
  • Boyne River
  • Baffle Creek
  • Kolan River
  • Burrum and Cherwell Rivers
  • Mary River
  • Dawson and Don Rivers
  • Calliope River
  • Noosa River
  • Sunshine Coast Rivers and Creeks