SOME train passengers are experiencing minor delays of up to one hour while Queensland Rail undertakes a full safety assessment of the network following this morning's earthquake.

The 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred approximately 150km east of Fraser Island, Queensland just before 10am.

Sunshine Coast Council Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Coordinator John Gallina said there had been no damage reported across the rail network and the expert assessment was expected to be completed by 3pm.

"All services are expected to be back on schedule this afternoon and it is not anticipated that peak services will be affected," Mr Gallina said.

"It is essential this assessment is completed for the safety of all users and staff and Queensland Rail has thanked passengers for their understanding and patience while this important work is completed.

"Queensland Transport is also undertaking a full check of the South East Queensland network and at this stage all road networks are undamaged.

"Commuters are safe to travel as per their normal routes.

"Sunshine Coast Airport also reports no disruption to its services."



WHILE  some have made light of the minor tremors, others have reported damage including cracked walls in a Nambour home.

39-year-old Angeline Darling post photos of cracks in her walls after the earthquake shook the Sunshine Coast. 

Nambour resident Angeline Darling posted a photo of cracked walls at her home after the quake.
Nambour resident Angeline Darling posted a photo of cracked walls at her home after the quake.

When the tremor was over, she noticed the cracks in her living room and posted a photo on Facebook.

"This better not come out of my bond!" she wrote. 

This mornings earth tremor recorded in Clayton's Nambour Head Office, turn the sound up, watch the plants/computers. Whole building was swaying, sure had us all wondering what was going on for a minute there.

Posted by Claytons Towing on Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Jeff Watson was doing some quiet proofreading when he felt the earthquake tremors shake the Sunshine Coast. 

The 5.3 magnitude quake, which rumbled in the Coral Sea about 9.40am, could be felt up to 228km away. 

"I heard a loud noise and the house shook," Mr Watson said.

"My wife had just left and it sound as though the garage and fallen off it's or she had just backed into the letterbox on her way out, but when I turned and look out my office window, she was driving through the roundabout and the letterbox was still standing."

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Aimee Clark of Maroochydore was sitting at her table when she felt her seat tremble.

"There's construction nearby so I thought it might have been jack-hammering but as I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed I read posts from people all up and down the Coast experiencing it too, even a friend in Brissie felt it!

"I only felt a small tremor, not enough to give me a fright, but sure was interesting."

Debbie Hannay said she thought it might have been a huge truck headed for her home.   Others only felt a slight sway. Some residents said they felt nothing at all. 

Clayton's Towing posted a video of the moment the earthquake hit. Their office was in a state of confusion as staff and customers asked "was that an earthquake?!"


Sunshine Coast Council Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Coordinator John Gallina said there was no threat of tsunami in relation to this event and no reports of damage or injury at this time.

"Sunshine Coast LDMG moved into alert status as at 10.15am in response to the mini earthquake that occurred approximately 150km east of Fraser Island," Mr Gallina said.

"The tremor could be felt as wide a Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast.

"SCC LDMG will remain at alert status until all reports are clear of any issues or consequence from this tremor."  


THE Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre has assured there is no tsunami threat spanning from this morning's earthquake.  

The centre issued a statement at 10.02am outlining the 5.2 magnitude quake was not a tsunami threat to the Australian mainland, islands or territories. 



5.3 magnitude earthquake in the Coral Sea was felt on the Sunshine Coast.
5.3 magnitude earthquake in the Coral Sea was felt on the Sunshine Coast.


THE tremors which shook the Sunshine Coast have been confirmed as a 5.3 magnitude earthquake offshore in the Coral Sea.

Geoscience Australia confirmed the quake occurred at 9.41am. There's reports the earthquake was felt as far as 228km away from Bundaberg down to Brisbane. 

Sunshine Coast Daily readers sure felt the tremors with reports from across the region. 

"Earthquake in Buderim, barbecue in the decking shaking like crazy and then the sofa with us in it was shaking woah!" Tanja White wrote. 

Pamela McInnarney wrote: "Well that was a good one! Rumbling and shaking in Tewantin. Went on for 49 seconds in Noosaville and felt in Caloundra. Who else felt it?"

"Yes, I felt the tremor here at Ninderry. My windows rattled for a few seconds," Terry Barry wrote. 


DID you feel that?

There's reports of an apparent earthquake felt across the Sunshine Coast and parts of south east Queensland. 

At Maroochydore at The Daily office a "swaying sensation" came across reporters as the tremor struck. 

Tremors have been felt as wide as Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. 

Keith Willmott of Coolum Beach, who lives in a block of eight units said the teacups and figurines in his lounge room shook as the tremor hit.

 "The whole building shook, I felt a rumble," he said. 

"I looked behind me to see if something had hit the building outside but there was nothing.

"Everyone was out on their balconies."

Chris Berry‎ wrote on the Daily's Facebook page "Think we just had an earthquake in Mooloolaba , table shaking for about 20 seconds."  

Vanessa Mercer said the doors and windows were rocking and rattling in Doonan.   

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