Breaking Bad style drug lab lands Ipswich man in jail

A MAN who created himself a Breaking Bad-style ice laboratory in the Ipswich region will spend 13 months in jail.

Brisbane District Court Judge Paul Smith on Thursday sentenced Peter Brett Clapham to two years and nine months in prison for producing methylamphetamine at a Mt Crosby house in November, 2011.

He will be eligible for parole in February next year.

A police raid at the property found a downstairs drug lab furnished with a hotplate, scientific glassware, chemicals such as pseudoephedrine which is a key ingredient in ice - and drug paraphernalia.

The set up was similar to the drug production facilities in the hit television show Breaking Bad that follows two meth cooks as they build an empire around methylamphetamine.

The court heard Clapham's drug lab produced ice for his own use.

In sentencing Clapham, Judge Smith noted the disability support pensioner was trying to kick the habit.

However, he said Clapham was vulnerable to relapse.

"You have a long-standing addiction to methylamphetamine," Judge Smith said

"I've taken into account that this was a single count of production over a 24-hour period and it was for personal use."

A conviction was recorded.