ISN'T it just adorable when your parents try and use social media?

In this weeks episode of Baby Boomer versus technology, Dean Norris - who is known for his portrayal of DEA agent Hank Schrader on the AMC series Breaking Bad - accidentally tweeted "sex gifs" to his more than 520,000 followers when he was presumably just trying to innocently, and privately, search Twitter for raunchy pictures.


What does this mean? Picture: Twitter
What does this mean? Picture: Twitter

Needless to say, Norris' spectacular Twitter fail has sent the social media platform into a frenzy, whose users think it is absolutely hilarious.

The tweet, which was posted yesterday, has still not been deleted - so it is not known whether Norris meant to tweet it or if he is aware he made the embarrassing gaffe.

Regardless, it seems to be exactly what people needed this week. So for that, Mr Norris, we thank you.