Bryan Cranston as Walter White in one of the final scene from the Breaking Bad finale.
Bryan Cranston as Walter White in one of the final scene from the Breaking Bad finale. AMC

Breaking Bad never felt so good - finale goes out with bang

THROUGH some of Breaking Bad's darkest moments I've often sat there grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Everyone else around me seems to have their hands at their mouths, gasping as Bryan Cranston's Walter White slips further towards the point of no return.

So why do I smile? Because it's damn good television and I just can't help but be amazed.

Last night was no exception.

Award winning television series Breaking Bad came to its ultimate conclusion last night.

So did it manage to hurdle over the high bar the show's other 61 episodes have managed to set?

You'd better believe it did.

So what happened? 




In a nut shell...

  • Walt came back to town
  • He tricks old friends into giving his last $9 million (give or take) to Walt Jnr when he comes of age
  • Visits Skyler and Holly one last time.
  • Reveals Hank's burial site to Skyler - urges her to use it to get a deal with the DEA.
  • Sees Walt Jnr one last time, but Walt Jnr doesn't see him
  • Slips Lydia the ricin
  • Walt kills the Neo-Nazis using his smarts and saves Jesse
  • Jesse kills Todd
  • Jesse refuses to kill Walt and escapes.
  • Walt dies in a meth lab just before the police arrive

The final episode felt unlike the others.

Usually there's so much going on at once but here there was one thing - Walt and his revenge. It was easy to tell a major showdown was coming and the entire episode built towards that moment.

It felt a bit slower paced than other episodes, but that just gave us a bit more time to say goodbye to the characters we've come to know and love (and hate) over the past five years.

One of my biggest fears heading into the finale was that several key loose ends would go untouched.

But I was happy to see everything I thought they might glaze over on their way to the finish line were explained and tied up in a nice, neat little package.

It was a bit like a reunion tour in the end. I liked it.

Walt's final visit to Skyler also revealed something we've long suspected - he wasn't doing it for his family, he was doing it for himself because he liked it and was good at it.

It was one of my favourite bits of dialogue from the entire show. It's up there with Walt's "I'm the one who knocks" spill.

Aaron Paul, left, and Bryan Cranston in a scene from Breaking Bad.
In the end it came down to Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman and Bryan Cranston's Walter White. Ursula Coyote

The final showdown showcased Walt's number one weapon - his brain.

All throughout the series he's outsmated everyone and finale was no exception.

He led the Neo-Nazis, led by Todd's uncle Jack, into a death trap in their own club house after Walt turned the boot of his car into an automatic machine gun turret.

Jesse also had his revenge on the psychopathic Todd when he strangled him with the chains of his slavery.

When it finally came down to the two of them - as we all knew it would - Jesse refused to kill Walt, who wanted to die. At this point he was bleeding to death, he copped a bullet from his own machine gun it would seem.

Jesse's story finally comes to an end when he puts down his gun and drives off, laughing all the way.

Eventually, Walt stumbled into a nearby drug lab, reminiscing it would seem of the times that he really "felt alive" before falling to the ground and succumbing to his injuries just as the police arrived.

The show ended with Walt dying. It really had to end that way. Nothing else would have satisfied the die hard fans.

Yet even with Walt's death - it still felt like he had the last laugh.

Everyone will remember his name now, and it feels like that's what he's always wanted.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.
Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. AMC


Ryan Khay: epic.. what an ending. all wrapped up nicely. 10/10

Megan Finter: Ugh i'm going to miss this show so much! the ending was very fitting though, loved it

Matt Sanga Sullivan: Great ending. Loved it. Best series in a long time.

Prue Cook: Couldn't see it ending any other way very predictable. Hubby's the fan I just get dragged into watching it

Amber Love: It was visually creative, wrapped up nicely no loose ends emotionally gripping. Well thought out intelligent show lots of research obviously got put in too it.

Martin Reilly: I wanted to know what happened to Jesse and where he ended up living / went to jail, etc.

Also what happened to Skyler & family?
They REALLY needed an extra 2-3 episodes to wrap it up better and show us what happened in the remaining characters lives in the future. 

Did they HAVE to kill Lydia? I hate how Walt killed everyone.
But I think he did it to stop blue meth, because he wanted blue meth to go down in his name and he wanted the reputation to be the king of the blue meth empire and nobody else was to take fame for his work.

Clinton Adams: Loved it ,you never would have thought Walt would end up in witness protection and the show was a prequel to malcom in the middle

Samuel Shipman: Yeah was a decent ending I guess, would've like a little aftermath story about how his family reacted and a few other things as well.