SURPRISE MEETING: Amanda Watts gave evidence she did not see any weapons at the trial of her boyfriend Vance Summers who was charged with assault causing bodily harm.
SURPRISE MEETING: Amanda Watts gave evidence she did not see any weapons at the trial of her boyfriend Vance Summers who was charged with assault causing bodily harm. Ross Irby

Boyfriend in tears over disturbing find

WIPING away tears with clumps of tissues, an emotional Ipswich man told police how bad he felt when he found his girlfriend in bed with a naked man.

The video of the police interview was played to the jury in the trial of 38-year-old Vance Summers, who has been found not guilty of threatening violence and assault doing bodily harm.

Summers pleaded not guilty in Ipswich District Court to threatening violence to William "Billy" Lacey; and assault doing bodily harm when armed at Brassall on April 15, 2018.


Vance Summers.
Vance Summers.

After two days of evidence, a jury found Summers not guilty. However, Summers will remain in jail on unrelated matters.

"I got home from work at 2.30pm and I see Amanda come out half-naked," Summers told police.

"I pushed open the door. See some c--t naked in the bedroom.

"He wouldn't tell me his name.

"I said Amanda who the hell is this c--t?

"I grabbed his shorts and T-shirt and bolted straight out the front door.

"I was in a state of shock.

"I pushed open the door and old mate was standing there naked."

Summers said he'd ridden home on his bicycle that afternoon after doing roof tiling with his dad.

In evidence given by Mr Lacey, he said he had sent a woman he knew as "Sam" (Amanda Watts) a text message and she replied to come over.

Lacey said he went there to have consensual sex after meeting her on a dating site 18 months earlier.

Lacey, aged 40, said he was naked in bed when he heard a noise at the back door and Ms Watts left the bedroom still in her underwear.

"I'd been there before. I went to meet up with a girl I met on a dating site," Lacey said in court, referring to her only as Sam.

"She didn't tell me she had a partner at all."

Ms Watts also told him it was her birthday that day, the court was told.

An angry man, identified as Summers, walked into the bedroom and demanded to know his name and to see his identity.

"He was yelling, demanding who I was. Called me names," Lacey said.

"He was holding what appeared to be a small axe. He wouldn't let me put my clothes back on."

Mr Lacey also said he thought he saw the barrel of a gun, but wasn't confident of this.

"No, I can't be 100 per cent sure that he had a gun," Lacey said.

Mr Gates put it to Lacey that he made unfounded allegations about Summers having a gun or an axe after being found in a compromising position "naked in a house".

"No, it's 100 per cent true," Lacey said.

However, the jury after hearing all evidence disagreed and later found Summers not guilty of the offences.

In his evidence Lacey said he was able to grab his clothes and run from the house and get into his car.

He stopped around the corner at a house that had its front door open. Went in and phoned police.

Photos of red marks to his thigh were tended as evidence by Crown prosecutor Cameron Wilkins.

However, the defence argued that this was likely caused by a frozen water bottle.

In her evidence, Ms Watts said Summers did not have a gun or an axe.

She said Mr Lacey had jumped up from the bed and "pushed us out of the way".

Asked by the prosecutor if she saw anything in Summers' hand, Ms Watts replied "not really".

Summers told police he had no gun, no axe, but only a bottle of frozen water that he came home with from the  work site.

Police did not find any weapons in their investigation.

The jury returned its not guilty verdict soon after the trial concluded its evidence before Judge Orazio Rinaudo.