Maxim Dadashev has tragically died.
Maxim Dadashev has tragically died.

Boxer dead after fight takes tragic turn

The boxing world is in mourning after Russian star Maxim Dadashev tragically died because of injuries suffered in a fight on the weekend.

Emergency surgery to relieve swelling on the brain was unable to save the 28-year-old's life after his fight against Puerto Rico's Subriel Matias on Saturday (AEST) was stopped by cornerman James "Buddy" McGirt at the end of the 11th round.

Dadashev was unable to walk to the dressing room after the bout and was immediately hospitalised, suffering what was reported as a subdural haematoma, or bleeding on the brain.

Dadashev (left) tragically lost his final fight.
Dadashev (left) tragically lost his final fight.


Fighters, journalists, promoters and boxing fans from around the world paid their respects as they struggled to digest the news of Dadashev's death.

ESPN boxing reporter Steve Kim quoted McGirt as saying Dadashev was a "great, great guy".

"He was a trainer's dream. If I had two more guys like him, I wouldn't need anybody else because he was truly dedicated to the sport."

On Twitter, Canadian boxer Jean Pascal wrote: "Another sad day for boxing . We are like soldiers. We are going to war for our country, family, loved ones and we never know if we'll make it back home. RIP Dadashev."

Dadashev, 28, took an unbeaten 13-0 record into the 140-pound non-title fight against Matias but was no match for his opponent, who dominated the bout.

A heartbreaking video shows McGirt desperately trying to convince Dadashev to let him call the fight off but the Russian appears out of it and only manages to shake his head a couple of times.

McGirt said he "couldn't convince" his fighter to stop, but opted to throw in the towel when he saw him "getting hit with more and more clean shots as the fight went on".

Tragically, it wasn't enough to save Dadashev.