A woman has been sentenced over a burglary in which a bow and arrow was used to threaten a man.
A woman has been sentenced over a burglary in which a bow and arrow was used to threaten a man.

Bow and arrow pointed at woman’s ex

A WOMAN who attacked her former boyfriend and tried to take money was accompanied by a friend who was armed with a bow and arrow, an Ipswich court heard this week.

Details of the incident were revealed when Teina Iona Muliaga, 26, from Redbank Plains, went before Ipswich Magistrates Court for sentence.

She appeared from jail via video-link on Thursday.

Muliaga pleaded guilty to 12 charges that included burglary (enter dwelling) on October 16; unlicensed driving; unlicensed driving – repeat offender; driving when under the influence (0.167) on March 21; possessing cocaine; common assault; wilful damage; two counts of contravening a domestic violence protection order; possession of drug utensils; and failing to appear at court.

The offences were committed between January and October 2020.

DPP legal officer Brittany Reynolds said the worst offence was the burglary that took place at Collingwood Park on October 16 last year.

Muliaga had been in a relationship with the victim but this had ended and a domestic violence order was in place when she went to his home at 9.30am.

Ms Reynolds said she had confronted the man outside and grabbed him by the collar and pushed him up against a garage wall.

Muliaga went inside the house and tried to pick up a money container, then put her hand inside the pockets of the victim’s clothes and tried to punch him.

The court heard the man was able to dodge her punches and Muliaga punched a wall, cracking it.

The victim said he saw a male standing at the doorway holding a bow and arrow that was pointed at his waist.

The frightened man yelled out to a housemate.

Muliaga punched him in the right eye which caused it to swell. Both offenders then left.

She was later arrested by police and charged and had since spent 189 days held in jail.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough sought Muliaga’s immediate release.

“Her offending was born out of anger,” he said.

“Obviously there have been drug issues in her life.

“The benefit of being in custody is that she had the opportunity to get off the drugs and get her mind clear. She has plans for the future.”

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said it was serious conduct that she was party to and included her being seen with a knife inside the house and that she cut up clothes.

“It was loaded and ready to shoot. And pointed at him,” Mr Kinsella said of the bow and arrow.

“You were party to that conduct.”

He said she was charged with drink driving with an alcohol level of 0.167 after police found her in a car after it struck a gutter.

She was unlicensed, gave a false name, and tried to hide two used drug pipes in her jumper.

Mr Kinsella said she was also found in possession of 1.9 grams of cocaine concealed in a shoe.

Muliaga was sentenced to 18-months’ jail for the burglary and to lesser jail terms on the other charges. All with immediate parole.

She received an additional one-month for failing to attend court, and was disqualified from driving for 10 months.