DEVELOPMENT AHEAD: Cr Sheila Ireland’s division will contract back towards Redbank Plains and Springfield as the area grows.
DEVELOPMENT AHEAD: Cr Sheila Ireland’s division will contract back towards Redbank Plains and Springfield as the area grows.

Boundary shake-up hits Division 9 growth zone

THE council division held by Sheila Ireland has undergone the biggest shake-up in the recent boundary redistribution as Springfield, the Ripley Valley, Raceview and Redbank Plains experiences unprecedented growth.

Division 9 will lose Ripley township and Swanbank Industrial Park to Division 3. The Division also loses Raceview and contracts back towards Redbank Plains and Springfield.

At next year's election Division 9 will take in Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes, Augustine Heights and Redbank Plains South.

"The growth in these areas has been tremendous, and my role as a councillor is to ensure we build a tightly knit community," Cr Ireland said.

Cr Ireland has served on the council for 12 years.

She said delivering new community facilities and services to the rapidly developing areas of Redbank Plains and Springfield Lakes would be a focus for her.

"Establishing community centres that can serve as a meeting place for local groups and clubs is my focus," she said.

Cr Ireland said she had already secured a site on School Road and was working on funding for the building.

"That land was given to Council by Devine as part of their development approval and I am determined to use it to create a place for arts and crafts groups, mothers' meetings and as a venue for not-for-profit groups," she said.

Cr Ireland said she also had unfinished business as Council's Youth and Seniors Committee chairwoman.

"I am working towards funding for an arts hub at the Old Woollen Mill. The vision is to create a versatile 200-300 seat performance venue large enough to be commercially viable for resident and visiting production companies. The ambition is to secure State and Federal funding," she said.

Cr Ireland said she entered local government in 2004 determined to see Council play a stronger role in investing in the city and to be part of a harmonious group of councillors who worked well together to get things done.

"As a small business owner, I was frustrated at how little was being done in the CBD," she said.

"I was a strong supporter of Council's CBD investment. That has proven to be great for business and for the community in general, but we have to continue to spend money where it will have the biggest impact.

"The Division 9 population will continue to grow. If re-elected, it will be my job to see they see their share of infrastructure."