SISTERS: Booval Fair customers Mavis Cunning, 90, and Fay Vinson, 78.
SISTERS: Booval Fair customers Mavis Cunning, 90, and Fay Vinson, 78. Cordell Richardson

Booval Fair a vital social network for 90-year-old nan

BEING out and socialising with family and friends is important to Booval resident Mavis Cunning, who visits her local shopping centre every morning for a coffee and a chat.

The 90-year-old walks from her home to Booval Fair, where she meets with her sister Fay Vinson, 78, as well as a number of her friends.

Mrs Cunning never misses her morning outing, saying it was important to stay active and spend time with loved ones.

"I sit with my sister Fay and our friend Mary and we talk and laugh," she said.

"We also like to watch everyone come past.

"We see a lot of people and many of them will come up and say hello. We sometimes forget their names though."

After sharing a hot drink, the ladies enjoy walking through the centre to browse their favourite shops.

"We like to go and have a look at the dress shops. Millers is my favourite," Mrs Cunning said.

She also likes to drop in and see her granddaughter, who works at The Coffee Club.

Mrs Cunning was born in Ipswich and has lived the majority of her life in the city.

She worked at the Ipswich Hospital for a number of years "pushing a broom around" and raised her family here.

The Ipswich grandmother said Booval Fair was "her favourite" shopping centre because it had everything under the one roof and was only a short stroll from her home.