Booral is well known for its beautiful scenery and scenic bush trails.
Booral is well known for its beautiful scenery and scenic bush trails. Alistair Brightman

Booral triple shooting shock to peaceful community

BOORAL, the scene of Hervey Bay's horror shooting, is the last place you would expect to see such a tragedy unfold.

It's well known for its rural, semi-rural and coastal living with views of Fraser Island, Big Woody and Round Island.

Properties range from quarter acre to 40 acre blocks.

It is 10km from the Fraser Island Barge at River Heads to the south and the same distance from the Urangan Shopping Centre to the north.

It is just over 15 kms from the CBD of Hervey Bay.

Kangaroos are aplenty as well as species of reptiles including  carpet pythons, echidnas, as well as koalas and migratory birds.

The area was first inhabited by the Aboriginal people more than 6000 years ago with artifacts and middens in abundance along the shores of Booral and on Fraser Island.

But Aboriginal elders dispute this dating, saying that indigenous Australians inhabited the whole of Australia since the "Dreaming", a term used to indicate "since the beginning of time".

Aboriginal clans wanting to visit the mainland had to leave a message stick in a tree or on a rock and if the mainland clans allowed the visit they would move the stick or leave their own message.

Many Aborgines travelled from as far away as Bunya Mountain to trade the Bunya Nut for shell fish found in abundance along Booral's shores.

The department of Environment and Resource Managemen says name "Booral" was derived from the Kabi language of the Budjala group or tribe, associated with the sky god "Beiral" or "Burral", place of shell mounds.

The name "Booral" was approved by the Governor in Council  on January 30, 1988.