UPDATE: Supercell storms spotted south of Biloela

UPDATE: SUPERCELLS and severe thunderstorms have been detected south of Biloela and Monto, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

There is a "good line" of thunderstorms north of the Capricorn Hwy with one severe thunderstorm moving west of Mt Morgan.

The spokesman for the BOM said thunderstorms were likely to hit Gladstone at 7pm.

"There is a warning indicating heavy rain, damaging winds and hail," he said.

"There is a potential for severe thunderstorms to continue through the night and tomorrow.

"We've had 110mm fall inland in parts of Capricornia," he said.

The spokesman said it was difficult to provide an exact location on the thunderstorms movements and effects because there aren't many automatic weather stations west on Biloela.

The next BOM update will be issued by 8pm however the spokesman said an update may be issued at 7pm.

BOM has now updated its maps to include Gladstone in the area potentially worst hit

Meteorologist Michelle Berry said the Bureau of Meteorology will be updating a weather info-graphic shortly to will include Gladstone as a place at risk of severe thunderstorms.

"Gladstone is at significant risk of storm activity with large hail, intense rain and damaging winds," she said.

"It will move eastwards towards the coast, reaching Gladstone late in the afternoon through to the night.

"There are the ingredients for a severe storm and there are some indications of supercells but not as widespread [as Jeff Higgins from Higgins Storm Chasers suggests]," she said, referring to the Higgins' prediction of a giant stormline.

Higgins updated his predictions for the supercell storm late yesterday to beyond Emerald to the Darling downs to include swathes of northern New South Wales. 

INTERACTIVE MAP: See Higgins' stormline prediction 

>> WATCH: WATCH: Higgins explains supercell storm prediction in video

Ms Berry gave Mr Higgins a big thumbs for the work he does however she questioned the way his website sensationalised the possibility of supercells.

"He's a very passionate storm chaser but he's possibly motivated by something quite different to the Bureau," she said.

"However there is a risk and people have to be aware."

Jeff Higgins was unable to be contacted as he told the Observer yesterday he would be chasing storms in the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg.

But local and longtime Volunteer Marine Rescue member Jim Purcell still isn't convinced.

"Yesterday the barometer was at 1012 and it has dropped to 1010 today," he said.

"It's significant if it keeps going down but I'm not convinced yet and think it will hit further south."

The Observer will check in with Jim throughout the day to see if his barometer continues to drop, signifying the likelihood of a storm.