FUTURE: Artists impressions of how Ipswich's future central business district is expected to look.
FUTURE: Artists impressions of how Ipswich's future central business district is expected to look. Contributed

Bold vision to grow employment in Ipswich's CBD by thousands

DOUBLE the number of jobs are required if Ipswich's central business district is to again have a sense of place, Australia's leading demographer believes.

Ipswich central is Queensland's 20th-largest employment market, with 11,900 jobs as of 2016.

It is on par with Surfers Paradise and Spring Hill.

Demographer Bernard Salt, speaking to the QT for its Future Ipswich campaign, believes more can be done to lure people into Ipswich central.

"Taking Ipswich CBD from 12,000 jobs to 20,000 jobs in a decade is good policy, good planning and more efficient and builds a sense of place," he said.

With the population in the Ipswich region expected to hit 553,000 by 2030, Mr Salt wants more effort to employ people in the CBD.

Ipswich central has 12,000 jobs and is adding 2000 every five years.

"In an ideal world, you'd have double that number so that people can live and work in Ipswich," he said.

"In an ideal world, you'd be self contained and in a really ideal world you'd be pulling people from Brisbane to jobs in Ipswich."

Mr Salt wants Ipswich central to have 20,000 jobs by 2030.

"Create a strong vital regional centre that tugs at the talent of Brisbane and sucks it in our direction," he said.

In his first sit-down interview after taking the reins, interim administrator Greg Chemello cited the CBD redevelopment as something that had to be progressed, quickly.

He has moved to close Ipswich City Properties - the council-owned entity tasked with redeveloping the city - and commissioned a report into its wasteful spending.

Mr Chemello said he would continue to push for progress in the city's heart.

"We are confident that the people of Ipswich have something to get very excited about," he said.

"The Nicholas St works are continuing, and the result - a new-look shared vehicle/pedestrian thoroughfare with retail outlets, vibrant cafes and a major public plaza which fronts the river on one side and a new library and council administration building on the other - will be the catalyst for an Ipswich Central revival."