Steven Tarasiuk’s (left) and Arna Duetz’s riverfront homes in Ivy St, Indooroopilly
Steven Tarasiuk’s (left) and Arna Duetz’s riverfront homes in Ivy St, Indooroopilly

‘Bogan’ neighbour jailed for stalking

A "BOGAN'' builder will spend five months behind bars for stalking his neighbour for almost three years, forcing her family to sell their riverside home.

Brisbane District Court judge Ian Dearden sentenced Steven Tarasiuk, 49, to 15 months' jail, suspended after five months, for stalking solicitor and town planner Arna Duetz.

Judge Dearden accepted that Tarasiuk's stalking of his neighbour in Ivy St, Indooroopilly, caused her severe and prolonged emotional and mental suffering over two-and-a-half years.

He said Tarasiuk could have made peace with his neighbour, who made legitimate complaints and inquiries to Brisbane City Council about his home building plans.

Instead, he conducted himself in a way reflected in the stalking, "right through to the very bitter end", as she and her husband were trying to sell their house in late 2015.

While their house was on the market, Tarasiuk hung a sign on his front fence, saying "As Seen on ACA 9", referring to a current affairs TV segment on the neighbourhood dispute.

He also sent an email to their real estate agent, falsely claiming to have lodged a neighbourhood dispute with the council.

Judge Dearden said Tarasiuk, who bought a large block of land off Mrs Duetz in 2012 for $1.7 million, was determined to build "a large, impressive and imposing house''.

He said Tarasiuk had been driven to build his house occupying most of the block, regardless of how the effect of the building and his conduct had on his neighbours.


Steven Tarasiuk
Steven Tarasiuk



Arna Duetz
Arna Duetz

Judge Dearden said his conduct towards Mrs Duetz exemplified "an extraordinary narcissistic approach to success at any cost'', even if it involved driving away his neighbours.

"Sadly, for Mrs Duetz, she quite clearly became your target," Judge Dearden said.

He said it was a serious case of stalking, causing considerable stress and distress for Mrs Duetz and her family and having a substantial effect on her.

Judge Dearden said for a substantial period Mrs Duetz felt like a prisoner in her own home, unable to live in the house she and her family felt was their dream home.

The judge said Tarasiuk had shown no remorse.

"His course of conduct was deliberate, calculating and persistent," Crown prosecutor Ron Swanwick said, with the judge accepting that assessment.

Mrs Duetz, who had called Tarasiuk a "bogan", told the court when she would go into her yard Tarasiuk would cough to get her attention and then say "bitch".

It also was claimed Tarasiuk called Mrs Duetz an "ugly dog bitch".

Mrs Duetz told of Tarasiuk repeatedly staring into her home at her and following her closely.

On Thursday, a jury found Tarasiuk guilty of stalking Mrs Duetz, but not guilty of stalking his other former Ivy St, Indooroopilly neighbour, Qantas pilot David Coates.

Judge Dearden yesterday imposed a 10-year restraining order, barring Tarasiuk from any contact with Mrs Duetz and her family and David Coates and his family.