Coal mine slur: Protesters go non-PC to attack Adani

ANTI-Adani activists supporting the Bob Brown-led convoy have compared Queensland coal miners to Nazis who exterminated millions of Jews in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

The provocative comments, slammed by Australian Jewish leaders, come as protesters - who also labelled Queenslanders "red necks" - will today rally in Brisbane before marching to Adani's city headquarters.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown, environmental warrior Geoff Cousin and "school striker" Sara McKoy will address the activists at Queens Gardens.

The Courier-Mail revealed last week residents in Clermont, which is the closest community to the Adani mine, will refuse to serve anti-Adani activists who will descend in their tiny town this Saturday and camp in their show grounds.

In response, activists have made fun of their plight, describing it as "a town intent on going the same way of the dinosaurs".

A private Facebook group called the Stop Adani Convoy, which shows the Bob Brown Foundation logo, has posted a number of repugnant messages in response, targeting Queenslanders, coal miners and Clermont residents, and arguing miners could re-skill into hemp industries.

One wrote, "all of us will be faced with this dilemma, a job or the future," to which a user named Ringo Dingo responded, "There were jobs for locals in the gas chambers in Nazi Germany too. There is such things as a bad job".

Another chimed in, saying, "exactly".

It's not suggested Dr Brown or Ms McKoy had anything to do with the comments.

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The coal industry directly employees 36,700 workers in Queensland and delivered $43.4 billion in gross regional product in 2017-2018.

Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council international and community affairs spokesman Jeremy Jones labelled the post "offensive" and said Dr Brown had a responsibility to seek to have the material taken down

"It's delusional on the verge of derangement that Australia has anything in common with Nazi-occupied Europe,'' he said.

The private Facebook group also took at swipe at Queenslanders.

A person calling herself Carolyn Gross wrote, "be careful it is QLD redneck territory (and) they hate greenies with a passion".

Stop Adani rally, Mullumbimby. Picture: Liam Kidston.
Stop Adani rally, Mullumbimby. Picture: Liam Kidston.

A post from an activist named Deborah Wood said, "I got plenty of compassion but the writing is on the wall 4 jobs in those industries (and) if they continue to be in denial about these facts that is their choice.

"I am all in favour of a gradual transition bit we are not doing them any favours by implying that they got a god given right to ongoing jobs in this sector of work. they don't and if they r too arrogant to retrain in more sustainable sectors like renewables then they don't deserve any other preferential treatment to the rest of us."

Between 500-800 anti-Adani activists are expected to join the convoy, which will be part of 10 rallies in four states over 18 days.

The convoy cars, vans and trucks that follow the first seven electric cars in the Stop Adani convoy, Mullumbimby. Picture: Liam Kidston
The convoy cars, vans and trucks that follow the first seven electric cars in the Stop Adani convoy, Mullumbimby. Picture: Liam Kidston


Resources Minister Matt Canavan said Greens' politics was extreme.

"The Greens have had to bring a whole bunch of rent-a-crowd southerners up here to oppose the Adani mine because they can't get locals to do their dirty work,'' Senator Canavan said.

"Locals where I live in Central Queensland don't have a lot of time for people telling them what to do.

"They especially don't like a bunch hypocrites who benefit from every modern convenience but then oppose the modern industries that provide their comforts.

"These green activists have no respect for Queenslanders and I have no time for their radical extreme politics.

"It is unfortunate that the Labor Party won't similarly distance themselves from these extreme activists (and) instead will have to do a preference deal with the Greens while they are here campaigning against Queensland jobs."

After Dr Brown was contacted about the Nazi comment, The Courier-Mail was told it would be removed.



Crochet nanas at the Stop Adani rally, Mullumbimby. Picture: Liam Kidston
Crochet nanas at the Stop Adani rally, Mullumbimby. Picture: Liam Kidston