The dog was brought to Fraser Island, where the animals are not allowed.
The dog was brought to Fraser Island, where the animals are not allowed.

Boatie busted bringing banned animal onto Fraser Island

A BOATIE, who smuggled his dog onto Fraser Island this week, has been hit with a fine.

In separate incidents, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers issued on-the-spot fines of $133.45 to a person who took a cat into the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area and to a boatie who took his dog onto the Fraser Island foreshore.

QPWS Senior Ranger Col Lawton said the fines for the cat at Inskip was issued on August 31 and the fine for the boatie who brought the dog on K'gari was issued on August 30.

He said the fines served as a reminder to visitors that domesticated animals were not permitted in Queensland's national parks.

Pets, he said, were 'incompatible' with the natural values of park.

Dogs and cats were naturally inquisitive about open spaces and their presence and scent are enough to cause native animals stress.

They could also become lost or hurt if they wandered off in a national park or chased native animals and could also carry disease that could impact wildlife including the island's dingo population.

Mr Lawton said the only dogs permitted in national parks were certified assistance dogs.

"Certified support dogs must wear an identifying coat or harness, and the approved badge or tag in our national parks and they must be kept on a lead," he said.

"Our national parks are clearly signed that domestic pets are not allowed, but if anyone is unsure, they should check our park alerts or the website.

"Domesticated dogs and cats do not belong in national parks, so keep your pets at home or you will get a fine."

In the 2019-20 financial year, rangers issued 184 fines to people for taking or keeping domestic animals on a recreation area, and 87 fines for taking or keeping a domestic animal in a national park.