The expose in these pages at the weekend proved that the LNP hierarchy, who are nothing short of Russian feudal tsars, must be told to pack up and leave.

As for current LNP president Cynthia Hardy, who described those who spoke out as cowards, she should be made to tell her story walking.

David Crisafulli surely understands the disillusionment felt by LNP branch members and voters. The anger has been allowed to brew for too long.

He has been handed a hospital pass. He must run with the ball. Do not pass it on. It is your ball now, and your supporters are wanting you to score a try, many tries.

The parp of rage is too loud to ignore.

Like David Cameron during the long political reign of Blair's New Labour, Crisafulli has to oversee the entire modernisation of the party.

Only a truly reformed LNP, in both the administrative and parliamentary wings, will be fit to govern for a generation.


Queensland Opposition Leader vows to end LNP's ‘internal cannibalising’ : Queensland Opposition Leader David Crisafulli says his leadership and the future of the LNP will “live or die” on whether he reforms the party.


Queenslanders are seeking an alternative government that is rid of dead wood and reflects modern-day Queensland, not one releasing half-baked policies like police rounding up children in Townsville, the political version of dog catchers, or talking about the Bradfield Scheme but only promising $20 million for a feasibility study, or, the best of the bunch, the $300 car registration rebate, not means-tested, costing over $1 billion.

These were thought bubbles, not policies. Those in the commentariat who applauded such sloppy policies were doing the LNP a disservice. In cases like these, honesty is the best policy.

The Frecklington-led team never got out of first gear. They allowed Labor to control the narrative from start to finish, so much so that Labor picked up swings in all 10 electorates LNP "strategists" targeted.

In one of them, the Gold Coast seat of Gaven, there was a 7.6 per cent swing to Labor.

It is hard not to think that LNP parliamentarians love being in opposition. After all, once you add a committee and shadow portfolio to the base salary, you are on well over $200,000, without the responsibility of governing. Many have been there for over 12 years - it's time to move on and refresh.

Crisafulli needs to show courage and authority - blow the whole show up and start again.

He must decide whether he will be the dinner or the diner.

Jake Thrupp is a producer for Alan Jones on Sky News




Originally published as Blow it up: Queensland LNP is fully in crisis