Blow-ins won't cut the mustard

NOTHING frustrates me more than when a political party serves up a candidate that has little to do with its electorate.

I'm sure Robert Shearman is a great guy.

He has served his country which is more than admirable.

His post-army experience in small business will no doubt be a fantastic asset when it comes to understanding challenges faced by many business owners in Ipswich.

But come on.

These place-holder candidates are an embarrassment.

Before I get accused of favouring one party over another, I'll point out that I have written this same editorial, more than once, criticising parties on all side of politics.

Labor did exactly the same thing a number of years ago when I was working at a paper in a safe National seat.

It first offered up a young local bloke who had admitted to circulating racist propaganda. Something the party would have known with a quick Google search.

To replace him, a blow-in from Brisbane - which was hours away - was put on the ticket.

Every side of politics is guilty of this. It is disrespectful to voters and can lead to complacency among incumbents.

We all deserve better, no matter who we wish to vote for.