OPINION: Bloodbath was averted

A BATTLE royal was waged by the left faction of the Labor Party locally to have ALP-endorsed candidates standing in Ipswich at the March local government elections.

A bloodbath was avoided based on an ALP local government assessment committee report back to the governing body of the Labor Party, quashing the move. Ipswich branch members did not support it either.

If the left had been successful, there would have been pre-selections in council divisions and for the mayoralty with the six ALP members in council - Paul Tully, Victor Attwood, Cheryl Bromage, Charlie Pisasale, Andrew Antoniolli and Mayor Paul Pisasale - having to make a tough decision.

They could have contested pre-selections and attempted to win endorsement, or resigned from the party and run as independents.

ALP rules are clear that any party member who stands in a council election against an endorsed Labor candidate is automatically expelled from the party.

The QT spoke to many ALP sources and the view across the board was that certain members of the left locally had Cr Attwood, Cr Tully and Cr Paul Pisasale firmly in the firing line.

There is an irony in that, due to the fact that Labor stalwarts Cr Attwood and Cr Tully were once leading figures in the left. Both became disappointed with internal workings of the faction.

The view of the right faction locally was that members did not believe the city should be run from George St and there was no need for ALP-endorsed candidates when the LNP was not moving in that direction.

The other view was the move towards ALP-endorsed candidates in Ipswich was motivated by personal animosities rather than policy.