Black Lives Matter protesters lie on airport runway

BLACK Lives Matter protesters have disrupted flights at London City Airport by laying down on a runway. 

Police were called to the runway about 5.40am local time however the protest has already caused flights to Zurich, Geneva and Guernsey to be cancelled while flights to Luxemborg, New York and Frankfurt have been diverted. 

A series of photos posted on Twitter show the protesters linking hands behind PVC piping in an attempt to make it more difficult for authorities to pick them up and move them out of the way. 

A video, also posted on the organisation's Twitter account states that climate change is a racist crisis - making the argument that people in Africa will be more likely to be impacted by climate change than in the UK - and therefore ignoring climate change is racially motivated. 

The same video voices the organisations opposition to the expansion of London City Airport on the basis that it will expose nearby ethnic communities to more airborne pollution.