The man who many on the political left would have preferred to see sworn in today somehow managed to steal the limelight from Joe Biden in the social media world - despite being dressed as if he was picking up a pie from the servo.

Daggy grandad Bernie Sanders rocked up the prestigious and historical inauguration today wearing them same jacket he wears in his most famous meme - and an item of clothing he appears to wear almost every time he's seen in public during the winter months.



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He was sporting some patterned brown mittens to boot, which look like they were purchased in the early 1970s.

Social media is having a field day with the images of Mr Sanders, who missed out on the Democratic nomination to take on Donald Trump but remained popular among the American left.

The 79-year-old's popularity has been boosted by a number of memes over the years, and the jacket he wore today is clearly the same as the one in his "I Am Once Again Asking …" meme.

Here are some of the greatest reactions to the historic moment.










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