Joshua Benjamin Hampton was wearing nothing but his underwear when a stranger found him in their home.
Joshua Benjamin Hampton was wearing nothing but his underwear when a stranger found him in their home.

Bizarre excuse for jock shock at stranger’s home

A man was wearing nothing but his underwear when strangers found him in their living room, a court has heard.

But Joshua Benjamin Hampton, 27, had an excuse.

"I may have slept walked in here," he told the Doonan residents during the September 11 incident.

Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard Hampton woke the residents of the Panorama Dr home when he walked through a sliding door.

"They turned the bedroom light on and walked into the living," police prosecutor James Allen said.

"They observed the defendant standing there, barefoot in his underwear."

Hampton apologised and left the home, asking for directions to a lookout on his way.

The court heard a Noosa Heads resident grew suspicious of Hampton when he walked onto her property on the same day.

"She observed the defendant walk down the driveway to her Rav4 where it was parked," Mr Allen said.

"She could see the defendant standing next to the driver's door of her vehicle and she could hear the distinct sound of her door handle being opened."

The woman confronted Hampton who fled the property without responding.

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Her neighbour later found a watch house receipt in her letter box.

Police took finger prints from the Doonan home on September 12 and found Hampton at a nearby lookout, still in his underwear.

A pat down search found Hampton with a small bag of methamphetamine.

A pipe and digital scales were also found in a nearby car.

Hampton on Monday pleaded guilty to five charges including trespass, and attempted unlawful entry of a vehicle for committing an indictable offence.

Defence lawyer Luke Bull said Hampton was "extremely remorseful and embarrassed" about the offending, most of which he couldn't remember.

"In relation to the offending on the night, him and his friend went to that lookout in Doonan," Mr Bull said.

"They were using substances and the battery died in their car.

"They continued to use substances and the next thing my client can recall is waking up to police at the car."

The court heard the university student was trying to tackle his issue with drugs.

Hampton was fined $1200 and no convictions were recorded.